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Exit Theory — Emersyn to Earth

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Emersyn to Earth

“Emersyn is a student who arrived at the space station with classmates for a weekend stay to get the experience of being an astronaut. After they arrive, something happens and Emersyn becomes trapped on the flight deck alone. Can you help her figure out what to do to get the station back to Earth’s orbit so that they can all make it home?” — read more

Can you help her figure out how to pilot the ship back to Earth's orbit so they can make it back home?

Players will instruct our in-room character (Gamemaster) via live Zoom video. Players also have access to a virtual tour with the ability to pan and zoom the room independently. This allows players to explore on their own as well as see the live view side by side with supporting items.

Price includes up to 6 players. Players may be in one location, or spread across the world! You will receive a link for your Zoom meeting the morning of your game. We recommend 2 screens or 2 devices to play so that you can see our live video as well as the virtual tour while you play.

Opening hours

When can I play?

Exit Theory operates in CDT which is currently 5 hours behind UTC

Sunday Closed
Monday 12 pm - 8 pm CDT
Tuesday 12 pm - 8 pm CDT
Wednesday 12 pm - 8 pm CDT
Thursday 12 pm - 8 pm CDT
Friday 12 pm - 8 pm CDT
Saturday 12 pm - 8 pm CDT

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Emersyn to Earth

May 2020
Super Immersive - Even Online!

This game's set is fantastic! We loved the 360 view of the room we had access to because it really helped us feel like we were there! Amy, the game master, was super helpful and gave us hints when we asked. She never gave anything away and we had a great time!

May 2020
Great Live Stream escape room with extra tech!

I have done over 80 escape rooms with my family and when my nephew wanted to do an escape room for his birthday during our Covid lockdown in California, I searched for live video escape rooms and booked Exit Theory’s Emersyn to Earth. It did not disappoint. The puzzles in the room were adequately challenging, storyline was great, and our host became an extension of our team. This was my first experience and I was a little skeptical doing a Zoom escape room, but with the way Exit Theory added the immersive extra 360 companion screen of the room with tons of pop up clues and puzzles, it was a smooth transition to feel comfortable to have your group explore other areas while the host was being remotely operated by us. I would highly recommend this as your first live stream escape room especially if you are skeptical like me, because you will not be disappointed and it will give you a benchmark to what will for sure be new opportunity for expansion of escape rooms in the future.

May 2020
Fun virtual game with good puzzles!

My wife and I enjoyed the puzzles and gameplay. The virtual inventory allowed us to work two puzzles at the same time. The gamemaster was friendly and helpful. Recommend playing this virtual game!

May 2020
Good length and generally clever puzzles

Definitely be sure to check out the virtual tour before the game begins. There is one puzzle you need to complete in the tour, and it’s very helpful to have some of the elements up on another screen in solving some of the puzzles.

All in all a good experience. Nice diversity of puzzles and an immersive room design.

May 2020
Great Room

The room and host were both great. It was challenging but we made it out with 10 seconds to spare.

Apr 2020
I really felt I could relate to the mission to override the system and return home. Challenging, but well worth it.

It is really exciting to be able to connect with friends and family in a safe environment. I have heard several say it is a great option for entertainment.

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Reviews for Emersyn to Earth
Jun 2020
Remote Play Review: Exit Theory - Emersyn to Earth | Longview, TX
Shoot for the stars, and if you miss, maybe you will at least land on the
moon. —
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