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Lokeys Escape Rooms — Trouble In Tinseltown

$19.00 Per player

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Trouble In Tinseltown

“Enter an exciting black and white 1940s detective story where the only thing in color is you!” — read more

No longer available!

For up to 6 Players.

Enter an exciting black and white 1940s detective story where the only thing in color is you! Play SW FLs highest-rated escape rooms from your computer or phone. It's the next best thing to playing at Lokey's.

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Lokeys Escape Rooms operates in EDT which is currently 4 hours behind UTC

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Reviews for Trouble In Tinseltown

May 2020
Great experience!

Richard is a great host, who kept the game flowing and provided a fantastic avatar into the world of Hollywood noir.

Clever puzzles, excellent theming and even though it was played remotely, still very immersive.

Would definitely recommend this.

May 2020
Great room and host!

Richard was fantastic and made the room much more immersive than it already was. He was funny and really made the virtual escape easier for “first timers” in this setting. We’ve done many, many escapes and would have loved to do the room in person but he made it truly exciting even from the comfort of our own home! Highly recommend the room! Can’t wait to do the others!

May 2020
First livestream experience and it was great!

Great room and the whole live stream experience was much better than I expected. This one gets my recommendation for sure.

May 2020
Great set!!

My wife and I had a great time with game! The colors of the set were really cool, and the gamemaster was fun and supportive!! We enjoyed the puzzles and gameplay. We strongly recommend playing this virtual game!!

Apr 2020
Challenging but doable

There is a lot to do in this game, but it’s manageable In the timeframe if you keep focussed. The puzzles are clever but fairly straightforward, which I appreciate. All in all a really fun experience!

May 2020
Top notch live video remote game

Richard was a fantastic host, this live stream remote game was as close to a “real life” escape room as I’ve come. Great set and puzzles and there was a flow to the story. Highly recommended

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Reviews for Trouble In Tinseltown
Hivemind Review – I recommend this game to escape room players at any time.
Very enjoyable avatar-in-the-room style escape game. In a live version, it might have been a pretty good game, but I thought as an on-line game it was a bigger success. Nothing over the top, but good solid entertainment. — read the full review from Room Escape Artist

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$19.00 Per player