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MindTrap Escape Room — Gold Rush

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Gold Rush


Can you feel the fever?! El Dorado county is hiding the richest secrets of the country right below the surface. Kanaka Jack is rumored to know the location of a hidden mine – finding it will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams! This is an escape game with an explosive secret that will bring the whole family together. Raid Jack’s cabin, unlock the entrance to his hidden mine, and blast your way out!

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MindTrap Escape Room operates in PST which is currently 8 hours behind UTC

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Reviews for Gold Rush

Jan 2021
Another game that lives up to its reputation

Great fun, with a great host. My only comment would be that it almost doesn't need an inventory. Focus on the live feed and enjoy the room!

Aug 2020
Wanted to light some dynamite under "One Eyed Bill"!

A very nice set and some clever puzzles. Effective inventory system with some interactive elements, and a good tie between the puzzles and the narrative. I personally found the slow pace at which the GM (playing the very dim "One Eyed Bill") moved to be a bit frustrating, but other members of my group appreciated the engagement with the theme.

May 2020
Great Game and Host!

This game has received a ton of praise on social media. And it is well deserved. One-Eyed Bill is a must-meet and Gold Rush is a rootin tootin good time!! I can't recommend this enough!!

May 2020
Great Time!

One-Eyed Bill was a pleasure to escape with! We have done a lot of live escapes and this was one of our all-time favourites. Super, super immersive set and a great combination of physical locks and tech. Very well done - we highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fantastic experience!

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Reviews for Gold Rush
Jul 2020
GOLD RUSH • MINDTRAP ESCAPE ROOM • Remote Escape Room Review
…with top notched production, a charismatic avatar, and solid puzzles, "Gold Rush" sets the bar way high for what a novice remote escape room could be. If you do end up trying your luck at this gold digging business, tell One Eyed Bill that Mattster says hi! — read the full review from Escape Mattster
Jul 2020
Mind Trap: Gold Rush (Play at Home)
This is a must play room. It’s as simple as that. A wonderful host, a beautiful set that seems to keep surprising you, and a hugely satisfying ending. — read the full review from Review The Room
Jul 2020
REMOTE: MindTrap Escape Room - "Gold Rush"
We really enjoyed this game from beginning to end. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
May 2020
Remote Play Review: MindTrap Escape Room - Gold Rush
Thar's gold_ in them thar' hills! I reckon the only problem is 'ole One-Eyed
Bill ain't got no way 'a tellin' how far away_ them hills even is on
account'a _he ain 't got no depth perception. —
read the full review from Escape Authority
Gold Rush - Pure gold!
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Had a FANTASTIC time with this room!,Outside the door of the cabin our Game Master got into character - the accent and the persona was that of someone out West looking for gold. — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped