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The Attic

“During quarantine your cousin got themselves locked in the creepy attic of an old family home. Now you have to help them find a way out over a Zoom call while social distancing!” — read more

An abandoned family home... an attic hiding dark secrets... an hour to help your cousin escape this haunted place...

That's right-- during this quarantine we've been hard at work to bring you this awesome Live Video Escape Room experience. You can book our room "The Attic" and match your wits against our puzzles with family and friends from the safety of your homes!

How does it work? One of our Game Hosts will be a character trapped in The Attic, controlled by you! You'll be able to see a live feed of the room from their POV, as well as two live security feeds of The Attic. You and your team will guide them through the room, tell them what to do to solve the puzzles, access a digital inventory of the clues in the room, and hopefully escape within an hour! 

In this time of social distancing this is a fantastic way to safely spend quality time with the ones you love. We hope to thrill you with The Attic very soon, and keep an eye out as we transition more of our rooms to this format in the near future!

Opening hours

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The Ultimate Escape Rooms operates in PDT which is currently 7 hours behind UTC

Sunday 11 am - 9 pm PDT
Monday 11 am - 9 pm PDT
Tuesday 11 am - 9 pm PDT
Wednesday 11 am - 9 pm PDT
Thursday 11 am - 9 pm PDT
Friday 11 am - 9 pm PDT
Saturday 11 am - 9 pm PDT

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for The Attic

Jul 2020
Virtual escape is just as fun as in person!

Due to current social distancing recommendations, we were looking for a substitute for our monthly company social event. So, we checked out other peoples' reviews of The Attic and opted to participate virtually. We had escaped from the actual rooms in Solvang over a year ago. The virtual room platform was just as fun! And our host (Brendan) was well-trained and contributed much to the overall positive experience.

We experienced minimal technical issues. It helps to have "clean" internet access (nothing or no one else streaming at the same time!). Visibility was generally good (connect your computer to a TV screen if you can--that helps!).

Use of unlimited hints is recommended if you get pressed for time and are really stumped. We made it out with only 31 seconds to spare... :)

Jul 2020
Great way to have fun while at home!

This was a really great way to play an escape room without the need to leave your house. It is different because there is only one person in the room looking for clues so that makes things a little harder however it was still fuin.

Jun 2020
It was a great time that we spent with family. It was great to be able to use hints because that helped us get to the finish line. Would love to do it again to see if we could do a new one faster.

Using one person in the room was a little hard to get used to and couldn't get into the mode of the game. When we have done it in person we had each other right in the same room. What would be nice is to have another person in the room with the go cam and have half of the group with one person and the other half with the other person. It was really hard when the person in the room just spun around. Almost made me sick. It would be helpful if we could spend about 10 minutes just looking at all the things in the room slowly.

Jun 2020
Very enjoyable and very well done.

This was very well run, the instructions and set up were easy to follow and the experience was great. Did it as part of a team from work and we all really enjoyed it. Would definitely recommend to anyone

Jun 2020
Playing over Zoom was even better than expected!

We expected to have a more frustrating experience since we're not physically in the room. I have never been so glad to be so wrong! Actually, the Zoom format forced us to go to each clue, one by one. This worked out better in the end because we were all focused on that one task as a team. We finished with 15 minutes to spare! (That NEVER happens for us in real life escape rooms, haha). 100% would recommend. Our host was helpful, funny, and gracious. He stayed in character, too. And we loved having both the wide angle camera, plus the smaller one strapped to our host. And having the digital inventory saved a lot of headache in asking the host to re-show us something. Thank you! We can't wait to try out the other 2 digital rooms.

Jun 2020
Doing it online was fun!

Surprised that it was just as fun online as in person! The host was great and helped with the entertainment. We did the attic. The only difficult part is navigating the zoom app’s interface. Will definitely try more with the online format.

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