Games recommended by BytesHS
Mystery Mansion

DTF and the Fabulous Flo Mingo

Hilarious theme and great GM

“I recommend lettings loose a little bit and getting into the spirit of this room. The GM, Elijah, was super fun to interact with in this Drag Queen themed, slightly raunchy, room. The puzzles were fairly straightforward, and the decor was nothing crazy, but it was still a super fun experience, mainly because of the interaction and acting of the GM.”

By BytesHS

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

Villains Lair

Best Gamemaster interaction

“The room had great flow and Jayson, the game master, roleplayed a character which really brought the experience to life. I've done 150+ IRL escapes, and 10 or so online, and this would gladly receive my endorsement at the top of the list for remote games.”

By BytesHS


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