Games recommended by RichardandSmiths

Miss Jezebel

To die for!!

“After playing a handful of escape rooms online, I am super excited by the creativity I am seeing. Jezebel is no different and has taken use of an actor to a new an unexpected level. The levels of interaction are a complete breath of fresh air. The puzzle were not overly difficult and the tech was minimal, but the acting, wow, that really made our game special, isn't that right detective Mancy *wink*.”

By RichardandSmiths

Rock Avenue Escape Room

Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I.

Straight forward fun

“This is a classic escape room with some great tech thrown in that let us really feel like we were still manipulating things in the room. The GM had a great personality and rolled with the jokes we threw at him. I gotta say, overall, great experience. We also played the second room and that was equally fun. Definitely check them both out if you can.”

By RichardandSmiths


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