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Rock Avenue Escape Room — Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I.

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Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I.

“Art mimics real life! Everyone in our small town of Davinport is no where to be seen, however, our fearless Mayor is still trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Dominic Fontana, but he can't do it himself! Log in and help be his eyes and ears! Solve the puzzles, put together the clues and have a great time solving Apartment A.I. all from the comfort of your living room!” — read more

An exciting first live video offering from Rock Avenue Escape Rooms. Help solve a mystery remotely via a Zoom meeting link. This extremely popular game (book early if you want a slot!) has an interesting inventory system giving you a close up look at items as you find them, you can even interact with and control the electronic props remotely! It also gives you access to panoramic 360° views of each room in addition to the live point of view camera to help your host. Collect together a team (while having everyone stay and home) and go out (without going out) and solve the puzzles!

Opening hours

When can I play?

Rock Avenue Escape Room operates in EDT which is currently 4 hours behind UTC

Sunday 1 pm - 5 pm EDT
Monday 2 pm - 8 pm EDT
Tuesday 2 pm - 8 pm EDT
Wednesday 2 pm - 8 pm EDT
Thursday 2 pm - 8 pm EDT
Friday 2 pm - 9 pm EDT
Saturday 12 pm - 9 pm EDT

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I.

Apr 2020
Really fun room

The game was great by itself, but Rob made it even more fun and even included some nice little touches to personalise the game.

May 2020
Fun family experience!

I have done this room twice- once on site and once virtually. As much fun virtually as on site! Game master is hilarious and helpful ( and his sidekick was awesome too!). The interactive components were clever and the overall experience was top notch! You won’t be disappointed in this game. The owners truly care about your experience and attention to detail is paid on every clue. Do yourself a favor and check this one out!

May 2020
Very immersive, clever and fun host

My family loved playing this game. The Mayor is so funny and helpful, but without giving any unnecessary hints. He completely lets you work at your own pace and enjoy the game. The games themselves are very interactive - way more than you would think when doing it online. You can see the objects in your inventory, then you can even engage with the objects by clicking on them and they'll open things in real time. It's amazing programming! It makes the game so immersive. When my friends kiddo had his birthday, and with quarantine being a bummer for the kids, she booked the game for her son and his 4 friends to play. They were still talking about it a month later. The story line is a lot of fun and I would highly recommend Ready Mayor One!

May 2020
A great virtual time with family

My family had a great experience with Ready Mayor One. Rob did a fantastic job as the mayor and his charm really added to the overall experience. In addition, we loved being able to share the experience with family across the country. I can’t wait for the follow up and we have already bought a few sessions as gifts.

May 2020
So much fun!

This game is a blast, Mayor Rob was such a great host. He kept the story going and helped us save the day along with good jokes that had us laughing the whole game.

The live remote experience is really fun, we had four in our team fron four different locations.

Check it out, it's a great time and fun way to get your escape room fix.

May 2020
Well Thought Out!

We just finished playing Ready Mayor One, and it was so well done and executed. Our team of 4 was able to work on things together and separately (thanks to the cool inventory system). The "mayor" was extremely witty! We will definitely be signing up to play the sequel. Great job!

May 2020
Great Host

This room was great but having the host be so funny really made it that much more enjoyable. Rob was awesome at keeping the game going and light. He does a great job.

Apr 2020
Very Fun Room!

You won't waste one minute in Ready Mayor One! This escape game has so much cool stuff that you won't be able to take stock of it all until the game's over because it's fast paced. Great mix of analog and digital steps, lots of surprises even for brain addled escape addicts.

Our whole family played, the content is for all ages. We laughed a lot and everyone solved some steps, you won't be disappointed with this one!

Apr 2020
High energy GM makes this game great

This is a fun game, it’s got some really cool bits in that I won’t spoil here but you’ll not be disappointed. But what makes it great is Rob the Games Master, he’s high energy and really fun to interact with.

There’s also an inventory system, a separate website where you’ll be able to inspect the items you find as you find them. This is really useful and allows different people on your team to solve different parts of the game. Since I played Rob has added some very cool sounding extra features, this was a great game before those changes and I’m sure it’s even better now!

May 2020
Interactive tech was amazing!!

My wife and I have done a lot of in-person escape rooms, and weren't sure about this. The "inventory" seemed a bit complicated, but it turned out to be amazingly easy, and super fun to interact with!!! We strongly recommend doing this virtual game! The gamemaster and play was fun and engaging!

Apr 2020
Great virtual escape room

Rob was very friendly and funny. The puzzles were interesting. Really immersive experience. It has been my favorite virtual experience this far.

Reviews on other sites

Reviews for Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I.
Gotta help the Mayor!
This room has been all over the enthusiast pages - for a good reason. Thank you for keeping it fun! I would definitely recommend this room for groups of all sizes and levels of experience. — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped
Ready Mayor One is leading the way for virtualized escape rooms, and was enhanced by the online format.

This was what I envisioned/ wanted when I thought about a virtual escape room.

The online format enhanced this game.

Ready Mayor One was a clinic in the importance of context and execution. —
read the full review from Room Escape Artist
Apr 2020
Remote Play Review: Ready Mayor One
Rock Avenue Escape Room is helping to lead the industry through this very challenging time. [...]the online inventory system that allows players to see detailed panoramics of the space. The second elevating aspect of Ready Mayor One is the always energetic, and always ‘on’ Mayor himself.

It certainly takes the cake. —
read the full review from Escape Authority

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