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Lost Escape

The Steampunk Adventure

Superb Room - Design is unparalleled

“We really enjoyed this game. Our GM was superb. Good balance between hints and letting us find our way. The technology in this room and set design is incredible. Really well designed and flowing game. There are a few puzzles we hadn’t seen before which was nice. Very priced. We will play their other games. Thank you.”

By escaperoomgeek

Beyond Breakout

An Elfin' Mistake

Superb game - amazing hosts

“We really enjoyed the Live Avatar escape room Elfin Avatar with Beyond Breakout. Jo Woodall and Lorna Morris are such superb game masters! Nice mix of puzzles and the theme is perfect. Telescope worked really well! Thanks once again and can’t wait to come and see you when lockdown is over 🙂”

By escaperoomgeek


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