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Lost Escape — The Steampunk Adventure

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The Steampunk Adventure

“An alternative history. Steam power era. Professor Gingercraft in her independent laboratory discovered a new ever-living source of energy based on aether. The high and the mighty didn’t like it because in case the new technology is implemented the energy will be free and available for everybody. Therefore they will lose control over the steam-powered world. Professor was captured but even under torture she didn’t reveal the location of the ever-living energy source. Your task is to go to her office to find the energy source and destroy all professor’s research papers. She left some clues to help her supporters find tesseract which is in the laboratory.” — read more

Can you help Professor Gingercraft?

Opening hours

When can I play?

Lost Escape operates in EEST which is currently 3 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Monday 12 pm - 11:30 pm EEST
Tuesday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Wednesday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Thursday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Friday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Saturday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for The Steampunk Adventure

Feb 2022
Definitely worth to try!!!

Recommend for the company team events in smaller groups!
Awesome solution for the online escape rooms!

Jan 2022
Loved it! :)

I will definitely do this again!

Oct 2021
Great arrangement and good communication, very friendly guide with great customer service attitude!

We would definitely recommend this for our family/friends and for team building events!

Sep 2021

The online experience was very immersive and fun!

Aug 2021
It was really fun & the host was really helpful for us when we were going through the room!

I would definitely recommend this escape room!

Jun 2021
Another level escape room

This is my third room that I've tried with Lostescape and I can say: they know what they are doing :) The set is something else and now I know why so many people in escape room enthusiasts community are always talking about this one. The puzzles were so high-tech and immersive it surprised even a veteran of escape rooms like me. I have never seen anything like this before. Cheers to our fantastic game master. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Apr 2021
Everyone in the team contributed and enjoyed this event

The host is very friendly and understands what you want her to do. I highly recommend these escape rooms especially during these times.

Mar 2021
Great team building experience

We booked this game for an online team building experience. It was a great success: tasks were not super easy, so the game really involves u and make u work as a team to escape the room. Highly recommended- especially for tech nerds :)

Mar 2021
So much fun~~~

We had a brilliant time playing the Steampunk Adventure. Our host was wonderful! The set design is beautiful and immersive. The puzzles were fun. Overall a great experience!

Mar 2021
Great game!

We loved Steampunk a lot! One of the best we tried <3

Feb 2021
What a great game

Wonderful Set
Very immersive
Great host
Great fun
Didn't know where the time went
Amazing high tech puzzle - no padlocks
great use of light and effects
Would highly recommend

Feb 2021
So exciting!

We tried this one with our team, we were amazed how good everything are. So, there is a live avatar, fluent in english and always helps if you are struggling. Puzzles were interesting and not a single boring lock. All the tasks are related to each other and very logical. Definitely recommend everyone to try.

Feb 2021

We played Steampunk with our family, this game is amazing, super cool technology and stuff, we had a truly nice game master, the puzzles were really fun and clever. 10/10

Feb 2021

We played with our family it was a truly nice experience, we loved the host and the puzzles were really nice and interesting!

Feb 2021
So much fun!

Our host was wonderful and had a great personality. The game was really fun and super high-tech! Loved the puzzles. Favorite virtual escape room I’ve ever done. Thank you so much!

Jan 2021
Fantastic experience!

We really enjoyed this game. Our hostess was excellent, and the whole experience was very immersive and a lot of fun. Very cool and well-designed set - wish we could have gone in person!

Jan 2021
Superb Room - Design is unparalleled

We really enjoyed this game. Our GM was superb. Good balance between hints and letting us find our way. The technology in this room and set design is incredible. Really well designed and flowing game. There are a few puzzles we hadn’t seen before which was nice. Very priced. We will play their other games. Thank you.

Dec 2020
Great riddles in a beautiful set

We did play this set via Zoom meeting due to COVID-19 circumstances. The technology was working great , quality of voice, picture was very good so we could see everything with details. The host was doing also a great job in explaining us the room and details and was easy to communicate with. We did play this riddle with Friends & Family and we had great fun.

Dec 2020
Very entertaining

Very entertaining for the whole party of mostly 1st timers, 16+ years, mix of science-tech-engineering-math backgrounds and interests within your party helps.

May 2020
Good experience!

100% recommend to try

Dec 2020
One of the best !

It was a super nice remote escape game that we did for our teambuilding. Our game master was kind and helpful. Thanks a lot, we will book another room soon!

Nov 2020

We did not expect that it would be fun even if its a virtual escape room! Super fun and will definitely recommend!

Nov 2020
Above and beyond expectations. We were so impressed! Our guide was fantastic and made us feel immersed in the game. SUPER cool set and interesting puzzles. Challenging, but not too hard for us first-timers!

All four of us had an awesome time. We are so glad we chose to book with this company, the experience exceeded expectations! This was also the best price I could find, I really can't recommend it enough <3 Steampunk funtimes. We've already booked again for the Wizard room.

We loved the various kinds of puzzles, some were a little difficult and some were pretty straightforward but they all kept us entertained! I think it's well balanced and accommodates a wide variety of players.

It would be even more amazing in person (seriously the set is impressive) but we all agree that the smoothness and immersiveness of the online transition was really good! The guide made everything flow well together, gave a sense of urgency and fun but also added a little humor so it was not stressful. I wish I had gotten the name of our guide so I could call out how great she was.

ALSO: a note about the kindness of the people running this: I got confused because I booked right before daylight savings time kicked in, so we were nearly an hour late and they still stayed late to let us play. I am so grateful! <3

Nov 2020

Great quality! We did this room virtually. The connection was excellent, our host was excellent, and the adventure was fun!

Oct 2020
Really cool escape room

Played this escape room with a team of collegues remotely. I just want to mention how the cool room looked and worked. Even though we were looking at it through a camera on the head of an employee of lost escape it still looked amazing. And when puzzles were solved there were all sorts of effects going off and doors opening. All the puzzles looked great and fit the theme very well.

I did feel the puzzles weren't very hard and that the host, who had to fill in for someone who was ill, did give away more then he should/could have. Which would be a tip from me to pay attention to moving forward.

All in all I would recommend playing this and if you're able to do it live with them.

Oct 2020
Really well crafted environment, wish we could have been there in person

Hi, I would say this leans towards the easier end of the puzzle scale and is especially good for people with lesser experience, this isn't a criticism, there are other rooms which are ridiculously tough and frustrating and its difficult to pitch a level of difficulty that's good for everyone. It still took our group of 4 54 minutes to solve. The host lady helped a little but not too much, her English was very good. The set was fantastic, it really made me wish we could see it in person. I would definitely recommend this as a family friendly experience. Kudos to the room designers.

Aug 2020
I really enjoyed my experience!

I would recommend that they incorporate a 3D camera system to make the game more interactive.

Aug 2020
Honestly just incredible

Awesome puzzles, everything was so cool. Would recommend to anyone.

May 2020
Ultra cool set!

I’m only sorry we didn’t play this one in person! Really excellent, immersive set with clever puzzles. Very nice host with excellent English. No problems at all with the connection.

Jul 2020
Unlocking the secrets of free energy and leaving no trace behind

Our host, Magdalena, was a delight! Her English was great and she really helped us feel immersed in the world the room creates. The puzzles are well planned and on theme, some of them have very clever solutions.
The production quality is top tier! So many cool effects being triggered as you work your way through the puzzles to locate the inventor's secrets.
Easily one of the best online escape rooms I have done, will be recommending it to other people for sure!

Jul 2020
Great Room!

I have done a number of escape rooms and by far this has the best tech and decor of any room I have been in. We did the online version, and our host Madelena was amazing! She was helpful, without being too helpful, and hilarious!

Jul 2020
Worth every Penny

Beautiful production design and attention to detail. Wonderful english speaking hosts, flexible on starting times for those in the US even in Pacific time zone.

Well done!

5 members of experienced players escaped in 61 minutes (80 min room).

Jul 2020
Epic time

We had a great time, the host was was friendly, the room was immersive and fun to explore, I highly recommend this place.
If you wanna have a good time just give them a call!

Jul 2020
Spectacular room!

The puzzles in this room were so different than any we've ever done (and we've done at least 50 rooms). Every reveal had us screaming in excitement. We're just sad we couldn't do it in person, but our host was AMAZING. We thoroughly enjoyed the design of the entire room. It works perfectly for virtual play. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Jul 2020
Steam era

Visited because of the steampunk theme and boy did we get excited in the room. Room really well built and we saw that a lot of effort have been put in decorations so room looked great. Connection was good, our game master was cool and fluent in english, the puzzles really made sense ant that was really important for us. All in all,really impressive room.

Jul 2020
Fun way to spend the evening

We looove good escape room any day. We heard a lot of good things about this one so decided to try and this was really fun. The riddles were clever done and the game master didnt give us too much hints which we liked. Definitely would recommend.

Jul 2020
Beautiful set makes you want to go in person

Visually this room works very well online. Host was great and fun theme and puzzles. Sounds and lights also help to make this room fun and appealing on screen. One of my favourite such rooms I've done so far.

Jul 2020
Interesting experience

Would recommend this for friends and other players for sure. Interesting puzzles, cool technologies, friendly host. Would love to try this for real!

Jul 2020
Saved the world with the Tesseract!

This was our first time with virtual escape rooms. We mixed up the time zones but Lostescape kindly let us reschedule for free and were really understanding. So when we finally were for the game on a real time now we traveled to Steampunk era! Strange machines filled with gears, lasers, steam masė the room really extraordinary. As this was our first room, the puzzles seemed quite difficult, but we got subtly hints from the game master when we needed them. All in all, it was a great time and we booked the other room with the wizard next day, hopes up it will be aš good as this one!

Jul 2020
Beautiful room

Tried this because saw a lot of positive feedback and, well, it didnt dissapoint us. The room is as good as virtual room can be,host was friendly and didnt give us too many hints (really liked this). Reccomending this to friends :)

Jun 2020
Nice evening

Book this one to try virtual escape games, didnt dissapoint. Ha a lot of fun with game master and a nice evening for our anniversary.

Jun 2020
Fun time

We did over 50 rooms and this one is in our top 3 for sure. Every detail is really well thought, the host is friendly and not giving unnecessary hints and they let you finish the room even if you dont get out in 60min. We think only the real experience could have been better than this.

Jun 2020

There isnt much to say, just that this room you have to try for yourselves. Cool technologies were impressive even watched virtualy. We will consider travelling to Lithuania to try this for real ha ha. See you in Wizards room!

Jun 2020
in general great experience

the host was friendly, room is cleverly made i wish we had a chance to play it live. totally recommend for every escape room lover

Jun 2020
Awesome game

We have played this game, it was really exciting and fun, and all the decorations were awesome. We definitely recommend this game for everyone!

Jun 2020
Want to try this for real!

One word describes it for sure: AMAZING. We've quite a few escape rooms both physicaly and virtualy but this one now sits high on our top list. The tech was really cool and made a nice view with all the lights and movements. We enjoyed different kind of tasks. In ones you have to put some peaces together and they are only used laternin the game while the other ones you have to figure on the spot. Big area of the room had that dinamic effect you want to feel in the room. The host was friendly and really funny girl,we laughed mos lt of the time with her and she really was like one of our teammates. We want to travel to Lithuania now and go to steampunk by ourselves!


It was an amazing experience... We attended this escape room with friends last week, and it was incredible. The host was so nice, friendly and polite, that it was a pleasure to spend that our together. Also, it's not expensive, but you'll get the best possible quality.

Jun 2020
Try this NOW!!!

We booked Steampunk Adventure as a party surprise for one of our friends but it turned to be a surprise for all of us! We didnt expect such cool room, you could see that they put really hard work and all of their hearts in this. Tasks were really clever and made us think, the host made the atmosphere really light and friendly,so we enjoyed the game. We went a bit overboard with our time (we escaped in 70min) but they let us finish the room, we are glad for that. I highly recommend to try this room!

Jun 2020
Awesome room!

I loved playing this escape room! So much fun! Would recommend for everyone who wants to spend a great time with their friends and family. Will definitely come again!

Jun 2020
Amazing time!

Steampunk was really really impressive! We loved how room looked, we loved puzzles and game master Thea (i guess it's right), was also very proffesional. Everyone should try it at least once.

Jun 2020
Recommending this one for sure!

Such a wonderful experience! Great host, amazing room designes, definitely would try again

Jun 2020
Great time

It was the most exciting experience to play this game, I was amazed by the view and area of the escape room, definitely I would recommend this game to my friends!!

Jun 2020
Working for the greater good

Fabolous room. Steam generating machines and plazma balls left us speechless while trying to figure out all the puzzles at the room. It was our first time at virtual escape room so we were a bit sceptical at first, but this it was like we are in the room right there searching for teseract! Lovely decorations, friendly host really changed our opinions about virtual games.

Jun 2020
Great time!

We went to Steampunk room and we were amazed at how beautifully the room was created. All those machines with steam, great tasks, lights ant sound effects made this experience really great. The host was very friendly and gave us light hints only when we needed them. Definitely recommend to try this!

Jun 2020

Really enjoyed this online escape room! Our real-life player in Lithuania was really a part of our team. She was really professional, didnt give too many hints but also didnt make it harder than necessary. The tech was also really cool, would have loved to play this game in real life!

May 2020
Stunning set, fantastic technology

We played as a 2 and it was immediately apparent that the set quality/production was at the very top end. There are all sorts of custom built machines to fit the steam punk theme and I don’t remember seeing a single padlock. It’s a longer game than usual as there’s a lot to do and explore. The puzzles were logical and everything worked smoothly. This was such a joy to play and a room I would love to be able to physically go to. This was very impressive and is highly recommended

May 2020

I am really excited about this one! So me and my team (4 players) played the Steampunk Adventure (LOCATED IN LITHUNIA!!!) remotely this afternoon (05/03/2020) and I still feel all the excitement and can’t stop smiling since. THIS ROOM IS JUST SPEECHLESS. I mean, how can it be so realistic?? And it also has so MANY COOL TECHNOLOGIES our jaws dropped with the first puzzle we have solved!

The set of this room is so beautiful and it has so many little details that make the Steampunk fiction theme so realistic. It is easy to forget that it’s not Steam Power Era we live in right now.
When you play this one you forget the whole sad situation happening in the world because you feel so hooked on the game and it actually gives you really positive attitude.
The Game Master was really helpful and entertaining we never thought for a second that she may not be a part of our team and she even let us finish the room when we were past our time.
All in all the Steampunk Adventure was the best one yet! I strongly RECOMMEND it to EVERYONE that loves HIGH TECH, WIDE VARIETY OF DIFFERENT PUZZLES AND UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.



Reviews on other sites

Reviews for The Steampunk Adventure
Nov 2020
🗣. REMOTE: Lost Escape - "The Steampunk Adventure"
It would be great if an inventory portal could be implemented along with some interactive puzzle elements so the players could play along with the avatar in the future. But the set design, lighting and tech aspect of the game was beautifully done. It almost made up for the puzzle aspect of the game. We would still recommend this game especially knowing that you don't know when you'll get the chance to travel to Lithuania in the near future. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
May 2020
Remote Play Review: The Steampunk Adventure - Lost Escape | Lithuania
Somewhere in an alternate timeline exists a fantastical, mechanical world -
_and it needs our help!_ —
read the full review from Escape Authority
Steampunk in Lithuania
OH. MY. GOSH. This room. This was an absolute BLAST!,This room definitely just landed in my Top 5 Favorites of all time (including the ones I've played in person). None of the puzzles were tedious or repetitive, they all related to the room well. We were able to chat with ease. Loved this room. — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped

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