Non-Live Online

These games are not played with a live Games Master/Host but are still played online. Because they're not live you can usually play at your own pace and at a time of your choosing. You can still choose to connect with your friends via Zoom to play them together.

Great Scott Escapes

Who Killed Bugsy Marlowe with NO Game Master

Non-Live Online

This is a game of who dunnit! You have 48 hours to hold the suspects while you investigate the evidence and solve the case. Do you have what it takes?

$20.00 Per player online

DEA - Mission Colombia

Non-Live Online

Are you ready for one of the largest police actions in the history of Colombia? We are hunting another four members of Pablo Escobar´s cartel. Be aware, this is gonna …

€19.00 Per game online

Ministry of Magic - Part 1

Non-Live Online

Enjoy this amazing adventure created in a world of magic.

€25.00 Per game

MindMaze Prague

The Hack

Non-Live Online

The Hack is a fully web-based digital online investigative game. Gather your detective team and solve the cyber crime of the century. You have to stop the hackers!

€22.00€37.00 Per game

Clue Chase

Scarab's Curse

Non-Live Online

Film Star Veronica St. Clair has been found murdered on the set of her latest blockbuster - the killer is still somewhere on set. Can you track them down in …

$15.00 Per game

Escape Adventures

Prof. Smith's Secret Tomb

Non-Live Online

Discover Prof. Smith's secret tomb. Find hidden items, solve riddles and open locked passages. Can you ban the curse? A thrilling online escape room team game.

$19.99 Per game

Escape Plan Virtual Escapes

Cold Case: Hunting a Killer

Non-Live Online

Forced into working out of a storage unit, Detective Valle has reached out for for your help. Not much is known, but if he is asking for your assistance, he …

$50.00 Per game

Play Helps

The Detectives that saved Christmas - Sara Lee Trust

Non-Live Online

Your chance to save Christmas and support a great cause. A deduction game ideal for all hobby detectives. Perfect for family teams.

£10.00 Per game

Escapade NZ

Escape@Home Forest Adventure

Non-Live Online

Download and play our new escape game at home! Using an app, a survival guide and common household items, you will race to solve a tricky set of clues and …

29.00 NZD49.00 NZD Per game

A.I. Online

Chance of Live!

Non-Live Online

You have a chance to investigate a mystery from the past: 2020, an opening of the time capsule solemnly buried in 2000 turns into a worldwide mystery when strange files …

€24.95 Per game

The Escape Game

TEG Unlocked

Non-Live Online

Use digital evidence, the web, and an online dashboard to catch an international art thief! An adventure you can play anywhere, on any device!

$10.00 Per game

Coming Soon online


The secrets of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun begin to expose in front of your face.

€25.00 Per game