Real Life Escape Room

Play real life Escape Rooms live and online with your friends. You will join a Games Master via a live video link in an actual Escape Room. They are your eyes and ears, guide them solve the puzzles and unravel the mysteries. This is as close as you can get to a real Escape Room room without leaving your house.

Trapt Bar & Escape Rooms

Alchemy at Home

Real Life Escape Room

Bring together your friends and family for this spellbinding online experience! Work together to solve curious puzzles and mystical mysteries - be prepared for a challenge and a whole lot …

80.00 AUD120.00 AUD Per connection

The Escape Game

The Heist

Real Life Escape Room

To beat a thief, you'll need to be a thief! Recover a stolen masterpiece with your friends and family from anywhere in the world.

$25.00 Per player

Live Escape Salisbury

POD Online

Real Life Escape Room

Alien crashed on Earth. Alien calling home (ring ring). Alien planet BAD!! Earth portal opening (womp womp womp). Uh Ohh.... Stop bad Aliens. Time ticking. Hurry.

£40.00 Per game

Daydream Adventures

The Witch's Forest

Real Life Escape Room

The Witch’s Forest is a unique story-driven, live video adventure hosted by our infamous witch Hilda.

C$95.00C$125.00 Per game

District 3 Escape Rooms


Real Life Escape Room

Guide your friend out of an eerie situation at the haunted manor in this real life Escape Room Play via live video.

C$20.00C$27.00 Per player

ESScape Room

The Real Kitchen Nightmare

Real Life Escape Room

Most Immersive & Premier Restaurant Themed Escape Room in NYC!

$125.00 Per game

The Escape Game

Gold Rush

Real Life Escape Room

You're on the hunt for gold! Find the hidden gold of an old prospector with your friends and family from anywhere in the world.

$25.00 Per player

Xscape The Room

The Ghost Ship Live!

Real Life Escape Room

The Ghost Ship is ready for action! It is a live interactive video conferencing game on Zoom! Think “Brick and Mortar” immersive action in the safety of your home! You …

$13.34$30.00 Per player

Exit the Room

Prison Online

Real Life Escape Room

The players find themselves in a strange prison and attempt to learn its secrets and escape.

€109.00€129.00 Per game

Prison Escape Online

Real Life Gaming

Real Life Escape Room

Establish live contact with professional actors. Infiltrate the security systems of the dome prison in Breda, The Netherlands, to free Yuri Koblenko: a man incarcerated for a crime he did …

€109.00 Per game


The Collector

Real Life Escape Room

A weird doll collector made one more victim...

$45.00 Per game

The Box

The Diamond Heist

Real Life Escape Room

You have 75mn to hack the House Van Steen's security and get away with their gems. Live Interactive Show with a Real Actor.

€80.00€120.00 Per game