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Lost Escape — The House of Wizard

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The House of Wizard

“You secretly got inside the powerful magician’s house in hope of stealing the Immortality potion! The owner is out only for an hour, so you need to hurry up! The magician won’t be glad to meet the uninvited guests! He would turn you into frogs…or something worse…” — read more

A spell-binding game of magic and mystery!

Opening hours

When can I play?

Lost Escape operates in EEST which is currently 3 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Monday 12 pm - 11:30 pm EEST
Tuesday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Wednesday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Thursday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Friday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST
Saturday 12 pm - 10:30 pm EEST

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Reviews for The House of Wizard

Feb 2022
Nice design and interesting puzzles

The room has a really nice setting and interesting puzzles. Our not-very-experienced four-player team has made it just in time.
Our avatar-host did a great job navigating us and giving hints when we were running out of ideas.

Feb 2022
Very good escape room with an intersesting theme

Nicely done escape room. There are some moments, where you need to have a good quality of connection, to see/hear everything clearly, but the game master gives hints when necessary. All the puzzles fit very well to the theme. The puzzles aren't very difficult - but in the online version, when you have only one pair of hands to work, the level is just right for a group with a little of experience.

Jun 2021
wholesome experience

Simply amazing! Our game master was so smooth with the camera and the set design was so awesome that I felt like really being there. There are some puzzles I've never seen before.
Now that I have tried all of Lost Escape rooms I really want to go to Lithuania to play all the physical games they have!

May 2021
Great Experience

This was a blast to do virtually and our host was wonderful!

Mar 2021

Our team loved this escape room! The technical effects were stunning, the host was very clear and the tasks were interesting and good quality! We are very keen on trying other rooms from this company. Only +++++
The price is surprisingly low for a room like this.

Feb 2021
A Magical Experience!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I give House of Wizard 10/10! Me and my family played via zoom call for my birthday and we had a blast! Our host was amazing! She was friendly, funny and extremely helpful. The room was beautifully and wonderfully set out with clever puzzles and clues. We all had an amazing time playing and will be sure to play another room in the very near future! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Feb 2021
Love it!

Great experience!

Feb 2021
Wizard room 100% love it

We are trying all Lostescape rooms after we tried Steampunk, House of the wizard was really fun to play, they had really clever puzzles and the host of the game was AMAZING! The price is very good me and my family recommend this game 100% <3

Feb 2021
Very nice

It might look that this one is childish because it's about wizard and magical stuff, but it's definitely not. It was really interesting, decorations were really nice, tasks are well done and live avatar is really helpful if you need anything.

Feb 2021
Great online escape where you almost feel trapped

With a semi-virtual escape room you can play it everywhere you like. No more being tide to a place where you have to go to. The hostess was really great and helped us through the game. Extra screenshots provided helped with looking around in more detail which gave more of a feeling being there

Brilliant fun from home!

Really enjoyed this escape room, great experience from the comfort of your own home. Really technically advanced too. A lot of the others we’ve done are just padlocks or combination locks but this includes clever puzzles, really makes you think outside the box.

Jan 2021
Great evening of escapism from home

4 of us participated in the live escape room, which I'd describe was like a point and click adventure game but you control a real person. The host was very welcoming and had good interaction with us the players. The room was nicely themed and the puzzles were clever with a good mix of difficulties. Definitely recommend.

Jan 2021
Great, exciting super host

We enjoyed it so much! Doable but fun puzzels, very energizing

Dec 2020
A fab experience for the family

We did this for my daughter's 12th birthday and were quite nervous about it, having never done one (and also as we are in the UK) but it was BRILLIANT! We were a bit quiet at first & were given hints when they were needed. The set was absolutely fantastic & it is so experience a real place (albeit virtually) with a host following our instructions. I think we were only really warming up by the end & would definitely like to do another one. Outstanding!

Dec 2020
Great company event

On short notice we organized a virtual company xmas party and I thought it would be great idea to do something entirely new. The results exceeded my expectation, it was such a fun and immersive experience that we will do it again. Especial thanks to our game master !

Nov 2020
Birthday treat...

We were looking for an online escape for my newly turned 13 year old. Slightly apprehensive as it iwas our first live avatar. We had no need to be concerned. It was great fun! The streaming worked seamlessly and the puzzles and guidance was at just the right level to provide us with 60 minutes of wonderful adventure. Can highly recommend. Best regards, Andy

Aug 2020
It was really fun & the host was really helpful for us when we were going through the room!

I would recommend the game. It was really fun and immersive and made you feel like you yourself were playing the game.

Aug 2020
Real Nice not too hard escape room , perfect via zoom video. Great host

I absolutely recommend this escape room for everyone to play online via zoom. All nicely made with love and fortunately no number locks:).
Can't wait for the other room they have to play.
Great host and great service. (4 out of 5 stars)

Aug 2020
Really enjoyed the House of Wizard!

Our host was great and the room felt super immersive (despite only being able to see it remotely). It was one of the better virtual rooms I've done. The main critique would be that the audio cues were hard to hear through the stream, but outside of that it was a great experience with some cool puzzles.

Jul 2020
Really nice set

Very attractive game, with some neat puzzles. We did have some communication issues with the host, which was a bit frustrating, and surprising since we hadn’t had any issues with the same host for their Steampunk game. Still enjoyable, but did not translate quite as well as their other room.

Jul 2020
Outstanding room design

This room blew our minds! The puzzles and room were very immersive. We had an amazing host who worked well with our team. Highly recommended for online play if you can't go in-person!

Jul 2020
Magic everywhere

If you want to feel like you are in a magical house and do some magic yourself,this room is for you. Unique puzzles got us excited, lights and decorations fullfiled the theme, so we enjoyed our time playing this.

Jul 2020
Good room with reservations

Quite fun room over all with a fun theme. Good host too.
However, a couple of puzzles do not really translate well online and created quite a bit of frustration. It is important treat the room as you would if you were there. I do recommend the room but it is not in my top 5.

Jul 2020
Lovely room

This room was really well done, everything worked properly, had fun with some unusual tasks and got harry potter vibes at this room. Just lovely room and great time :)

Jul 2020
A must try

Tried this one couple of days after Steampunk game and this was our second virtual room. Magical objects and lights with sounds made the room seem really into the theme. Had a couple of moments when we needed some hints, but only got them when we asked them. Beautiful room and hope to see more rooms from you, Lost Escape!

Jul 2020
Feeling like harry potter

We did this one after we tried steampunk. Different rooms, but this one is also done beautifuly with clever details and fun tasks. Loved this one bevause of magical theme :)

Jun 2020
Great time indeed

Tried this one after a pleasant experience in steampunk. We are fans of fantastical magical themes,so really enjoyed this room.

Jun 2020
Magical experience

We booked this one after great experience at Steampunk LostEscape room and we disnt get dissapointed. Room is really beautiful. The most exciting part is that you have to use not only your eyes,but your ears too in this room. We had a great time with the game master and looking forward to meet you again here when you have another room.

Jun 2020

We really liked this one! The room designed beautifuly with every detail seeming magical. The puzzles really got us thinking and thats the point of the escape rooms. Had a great time and recommend to try this for sure!

Jun 2020
Fabulous setting with immersive story, clever puzzles

This room was very different to any other rooms we have done. No need to find codes for locks but very challenging puzzles. Followed the magical theme throughout playing on our love for Harry Potter. Amazing host and fun room. A must try

Jun 2020
Lost Escape

The steampunk adventure' was one of the most impressive escape rooms I've ever seen. I wish I could have been there in IRL! The game master was really professional. Overall, we spent some quality time so definitely recommend!

May 2020
Great virtual game with fun puzzles!!

My wife and I really enjoyed this virtual game. The puzzles and gameplay were fun and original. The gamemaster was friendly and helpful. We have done over 350 in person and 30 virtual rooms and really like the originality of the puzzles! Strongly recommend playing!!

Reviews on other sites

Reviews for The House of Wizard
May 2020
Remote Play Review: The House of Wizard - Lost Escape | Lithuania
Better _hop_ to it - lest you be turned into a frog! The House of Wizard is a remote play version of an existing, physical escape
game at the the venue's brick and mortar location - retrofitted to be offered
as a live, online experience. Although altered slightly to better flow in this
new medium, the game is, _at it 's core_, essentially the same as what guests
will find should they visit Lost Escape in Lithuania. It is important to note
that despite being offered by unrelated venues in different countries, this is
the same base game as Wizard, also available for remote play at Exit The Room in Graz,
Austria. However, The House of Wizard does include several additional puzzles
not found in Wizard. —
read the full review from Escape Authority
Reviews for Lost Escape
Nov 2020
🗣. REMOTE: Lost Escape - "The Steampunk Adventure"
It would be great if an inventory portal could be implemented along with some interactive puzzle elements so the players could play along with the avatar in the future. But the set design, lighting and tech aspect of the game was beautifully done. It almost made up for the puzzle aspect of the game. We would still recommend this game especially knowing that you don't know when you'll get the chance to travel to Lithuania in the near future. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
Reviewing The Steampunk Adventure
May 2020
Remote Play Review: The Steampunk Adventure - Lost Escape | Lithuania
Somewhere in an alternate timeline exists a fantastical, mechanical world -
_and it needs our help!_ —
read the full review from Escape Authority
Reviewing The Steampunk Adventure
Steampunk in Lithuania
OH. MY. GOSH. This room. This was an absolute BLAST!,This room definitely just landed in my Top 5 Favorites of all time (including the ones I've played in person). None of the puzzles were tedious or repetitive, they all related to the room well. We were able to chat with ease. Loved this room. — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped
Reviewing The Steampunk Adventure


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