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Escape One Algarve

The Laboratory

Amazing experience in Algarve!

“We have played the Laboratory and it was our first introduction to this new style of games. At first we thought, we┬┤re not going to make it, but after 5 minutes everything came with logic and the game is very fluid, taking you to the next clues and so on. Nevertheless it is not an easy game, it is a very smart game and David played a very good game master, being very calm and helpful! Absolutely loved this experience and defintely recommend it!”

By MartaSApereira



Great Experience in Lisbon!

“Me and my group of 5 have just played the Kidnap Game from Escape 2 win and it was a treat! Exciting, because Silvia was kidnaped and was very afraid so we had to help her and try to stay calm ourselves, which is the hardest. All of the puzzles have logic but they are not easy at all, you just have to look better and not panic. I have played a different one with just my wife and having a group with you just makes it harder but definetly more fun! Overall an amazing experience which I recommend definetly!”

By MartaSApereira


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