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Emergency Exit Escape Games — Exorcist

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“Join the 'IN THEORY' Ghost tours as they venture into Crowley manor a House with a dark and evil history. Lead your guide to investigate the mysteries and puzzles from this ancient and sinister place.” — read more

Exorcist online will take you deep into the history of Crowley manor which was last owned by the infamous Aleister Crowley. You will join your tour guide via remote feed and control them on this haunted adventure. The real excitement is the history of Crowley's mysteries and puzzles. This house has been famous throughout history as there have been many disappearances over the years. It is said that Aleister Crowley is still trying to trick and trap his victims from beyond the Grave.

Enjoy the tour but DO NOT out stay your welcome.

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Wednesday 4 pm - 9 pm GMT
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Reviews for Exorcist

Jan 2021
Perfect online conversion

We've been wanting to play this for ages due to all the hype about it, and it certainly lived up it! Great hosting, great seamless tech, will definitely be back to face The Beast!

Jan 2021
Both funny and scary--now that's a feat!

Very entertaining experience with a quite funny, personable host. Although the main elements are fairly basic (lots of locks), they have used a lot of imagination to integrate creative elements, including some terrific video cut scenes. A few scary moments, but actually more laughs than frights. Definitely recommended!

Aug 2020
Great game for horror fans

Hosts were great, set was perfect, and there were surprises along the way. The game was smooth and great quality. One of the best games I've played! I will definitely book another. I dont want to give anything away because the unexpected is part of the fun.

Jun 2020
Immersive Experience, will possess your soul!

I played this game with 2 other friends, and we had a blast! We have played one virtual escape room before this one (and numerous in-person rooms prior to COVID-19), but this one WINS for the most immersive experience. WE LOVED IT! The host was great, he must have had some sort of theater/acting background as he was very believable and he had some great impromptu quips and jokes that kept us going with the right amount of scare/laugh. The 'cameraman' also did and awesome job of making us feel like we were part of the action and made us laugh quite a few times without even being seen. Kept us on our toes at a comfortable pace and puzzles were themed appropriately. Highly recommend to those of you fear seekers and lovers of all things scary. Lots of good jumps and screams when you least expect it. Please give this one a try, you will not be disappointed.

May 2020

The immersive theatre in this game is amazing. Played with a couple of friends and thoroughly enjoyed it. Scary without being too scary. Great Host really engaging.

May 2020
Thrilling and scary

If you're looking for a horror game this is definitely worth playing. They use a separate cameraman to which gives a real ghost hunters vibe that works very well. Amazing use of short bits of prerecorded video fit into the live video, all very high production values. The puzzles aren't neglected, there's nothing too hard but it's quite enough to get you thinking and to feel great when you solve them. Highly recommended!

Reviews on other sites

Reviews for Exorcist
Nov 2020
Emergency Exit Escape Rooms: The Virtual Exorcist (Play at Home)
We loved everything about this game, and strangely lost all concept of time. We knew we had a time limit but we were so captivated by the game that time became a foreign concept. Our host and cameraman were a wonderful duo and we can’t wait to see how the story is continued in The Beast. — read the full review from Review The Room
Jun 2020
REMOTE: Emergency Exit Escape Games - "Exorcist"
We definitely sensed something "evil" that was lurking in on us throughout the hour. The puzzles were really enjoyable, especially the ones with video integrations. There was a lot to do. As 4 experienced players, we had about only a few minutes left at the end. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
Jun 2020
Will leave even the bravest spooked
"Without a doubt, Exorcist is one of the more immersive, narrative driven and engaging Remote Play experiences we’ve found." — read the full review from Escape Authority

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