Games recommended by Cortney
Emergency Exit Escape Games


Great game for horror fans

“Hosts were great, set was perfect, and there were surprises along the way. The game was smooth and great quality. One of the best games I've played! I will definitely book another. I dont want to give anything away because the unexpected is part of the fun.”

By Cortney

Hourglass Escapes

The Officially Licensed Evil Dead 2™ Escape Room

Awesome experience

“This is one of the best online rooms I have done. Lots of detail in the design, great for Evil Dead fans. The host was charismatic and made the experience fun and run smoothly. I liked the inventory system and the idea to have characters, this made it feel even more immersive.”

By Cortney


Games bookmarked by Cortney
Trap Door Escape Stream

Buried Alive


6 weekly episodes of puzzles as you attempt to save a victim buried six feed under in an air right coffin.

$59.99 Per player

Coming Soon
Puzzle Rooms


Based on Bram Stoker’s imaginary story Dracula, we created a room perfectly fit for the atmosphere in the book.

€30.00€22.00 Per game

Coming Soon

Dr. Kiefern's Basement

Help a trapped detective find the truth about inhuman experiments in this 90 minute thriller.

$59.95 Per game

Trap Door Escape Stream


Live Avatar

Investigate child abductions and paranormal happenings in this Escape Room game.

$24.99 Per player

Memphis Escape Rooms

Shadow Manor

Live Avatar

Face your fears and escape from an abandoned house by helping the ghost of a heartbroken woman put the pieces of her life back together.

$75.00$115.00 Per game

Xcape Room Barcelona

Xcape Room Barcelona

Live Avatar

In 1985 in Barcelona, several murders spread fear among the population. They all have something in common: the victims always missed a part of their body. The murderer has never …

€12.00 Per player

Game Over Lisboa


Live Avatar

Your team found refuge in a prison, now they have to make it a safe place to live. You have 75 minutes to do it or will be GAME OVER!

€11.00€20.00 Per player

Get the F Out Room

The Experiment

Live Avatar

The world's first meta escape room game. It starts off as psychological study into escape rooms and becomes something darker. Much darker. With an online avatar and available for streaming …

$30.00 Per player

No Longer Available
NorCal Escape Co.


Your friend is the latest target of a local cult. You're his final lifeline. Can you help him navigate an abandoned warehouse and complete the twisted tasks placed before him?

$150.00 Per game


The Collector

Live Avatar

A weird doll collector made one more victim...

472.00 BRL Per game

Daydream Adventures

The Witch's Forest

Live Avatar

The Witch’s Forest is a unique story-driven, live video adventure hosted by our infamous witch Hilda.

C$110.00C$170.00 Per game

Next-Gen Escape

Virtual Clancey's Lodge

Live Avatar

Deep within Yosemite National Park evil lurks. Lead a paranormal investigation behind the missing person reports surrounding Clancey's Lodge!

$49.99$97.95 Per connection

District 3 Escape Rooms


Live Avatar

Guide your friend out of an eerie situation at the haunted manor in this real life Escape Room Play via live video.

C$15.00C$22.00 Per player

No Longer Available
Mystery Mansion


Find out what Dirk has really hired you for in this crude, dark-humoured online escape room.

C$25.00 Per player

No Longer Available
Crack The Code Escape Room

Haunted Mansion

The game is played from your home via an internet connection and through Google Hangouts (you will need a Google account but you can create that for free). You WILL …

$45.00 Per game

Escape Game Innsbruck

The Lost Orphanage

Live Avatar

EscapeGame meets Blair Witch Project – an extraordinary experience!

€45.00€81.00 Per connection

Amsterdam Catacombs

Amsterdam Catacombs

Live Avatar

Explore the no.1 rated horror escape room, Amsterdam Catacombs now online! Through a live-stream, you and your friends can guide our actors through this immersive theatrical online experience, and find …

€20.00€50.00 Per player

Brain in a Cage

Stranger Story

Live Avatar

Recently several strange fact happened in town, farmers have seen their whole harvest gone rot overnight and strange creatures has been heard howling from the woods. You have to find …

€60.00 Per game


The Crypt

Live Avatar

From a movie set to a crypt this real life escape game will take you on a thrilling journey via a live video link

$59.00 Per game


Before Moonrise

Live Avatar

Don't get caught by the werewolf when you visit this creepy cabin. One of Escape.Anywhere's real life Escape Rooms playable via video.

$59.00 Per game

Looking Glass Adventures

Mystery at Maryweather Mansion

Live Avatar

Family Friendly, Packed with fun, intuitive and clever puzzles. Story based with lots of twists and turns.

C$59.95 Per game

Hourglass Escapes

Tales of the Ghostly Galleon

Live Avatar

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Night Vale: Board the legendary ghost pirate ship of the Banshee Buccaneer! You have just 60 minutes to break the Buccaneer's curse before …

$25.00 Per player

No Longer Available
Room Escape Southend

The Virus

Your are humanities last hope after a deadly virus. Work together to solve the puzzles and find the cure.

£30.00 Per game


Miss Jezebel

Live Avatar

A truly unique gem of remote play games. Miss Jezebel lets you take control of live actors to navigate real escape rooms and dialogue to let the story play out …

$125.00 Per game

Mystery Mansion

Night Terrors

Live Experiences

Playing the role of his subconscious, you will need to help Alex figure out what's causing his nightmares...before it's too late.

C$20.00 Per player

Breakout Escape Room

The Haunted Hotel

Live Avatar

Are you ready to solve the mystery of The Logan Hotel

€12.00€15.00 Per player

Escape World Waterlooplein

The Cabin in the Woods

Live Avatar

Cabin in the Woods A ghost hunter and vlogger who scours the world to locations where it is said it is haunted, has found a new location: an abandoned cabin …

€59.00 Per game



Live Avatar

Someone has been kidnapped and called you for help. Will you be able to help them escape alive?

€60.00 Per game

Escape One Algarve

Final Call

Live Avatar

Prove you are worthy and solve the challenges ahead of you to flee from the invading zombie herds! Bullseye award winner for best storyline.

€50.00€90.00 Per player



Live Avatar

"Locked in the hotel by a madman. Trapped and tormented me for days Thank god you picked up. Please, tell me what to do. Help me, HELP ME"

$15.00$49.00 Per connection