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Help Us Escape — M School Of Magic

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M School Of Magic

“Melinda M. Worthy has a school for magically gifted students. You have all been invited to attend orientation. ​ On the first day of class one Student was early and is now trapped in the class room with the darkness approaching. You must work as a team to learn all the magic you can fast to free her and defeat the Darkness that trapped her. She is trying to guide you with clues and hints to defeat the evil wizard. ​” — read more

No longer available!

Attend class at this wizard school via live video link. Play with your team, all from your own homes, and instruct the host as they help you explore the space. Solve the puzzles and defeat the evil! This is the third game from HelpUsEscape and their most elaborate so far.

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Help Us Escape operates in PDT which is currently 7 hours behind UTC

Sunday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Monday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Tuesday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Wednesday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Thursday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Friday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Saturday 8 am - 12 am PDT

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Reviews for M School Of Magic

Jul 2020
Nice fun game! Love it!

Was a ton of fun and a great opportunity to bond with my coworkers!

Jul 2020
All great!

This was the second one we did and both were excellent!!

Jul 2020
unique, fun theme

The theme and set are fun and highly interactive. Puzzle density is high, and puzzle types are varied. The host is enthusiastic but seemed a bit eager to lead us to clues, and camerawork was a bit dizzying, especially at the beginning. An intermediate difficulty room.

Jul 2020
would recomment!

Fun "magic school" themed game. Very immersive. played online

Jun 2020
fun room, great host

Love doing Daniel's rooms at Help Us Escape. I always enjoy his hosting, and the puzzles are great. This room stood out from the others as having some nice tech moments that went with the magic theme. We had a lot of fun!

Jun 2020
A fun home grown magical game

before lockdown I had over 50 games under my belt. Since lockdown started I have played several online escape rooms and these are some of my favorites.

He designs and builds everything and this type of business is the heart of this industry and is what will keep it alive during the pandemic. Smart, clever and innovative designers working out of their homes. The puzzles were fun, the back story was creative, and my very experienced team got out with only about 5 minutes to spare.

Looking forward to his upcoming games!

Jun 2020
Great room and amazing host

With any online rooms it is normally difficult to remember /see what’s still to be solved etc but the host for this room was amazing at recapping for us (subtly giving us clues I feel) Very interactive with the magical theme much to my amusement. Puzzles were very different and in a positive way.

Jun 2020
Very inventive

Lots of fun

Jun 2020
This was our 2nd great Escape Room that we played with Help Us Escape.

Daniel is a very welcoming host and conducts a fun experience. This online live platform is a great way to socialize and get together virtually with friends and family from all over. We had a blast working together to solve the puzzles and piece together clues to win the game. There are a lot of fun interactive elements in this room. I highly recommend partaking in this activity while being stuck at home. We are looking forward to trying other rooms by this company. We had a great time and we will be back for sure! We highly recommend to anyone and everyone!!

May 2020
A Magical Way to Have Fun

This was a fun, immersive escape room. The host was great and it was obvious that he took a lot of time making sure that the room was just right. There was some really cool tech involved in this room that I really enjoyed, even better than live escape rooms that I have been to! The very creative storyline was a lot of fun and really added to the experience.

May 2020
Fun and creative puzzles

The host was good at giving hints when needed, the set-up was cool, and the different challenges require you to think outside the box.

May 2020
Harry Potter eat your heart out!

What an awesome way to pass the time while in quarantine!!! Fun puzzles

May 2020
Do all three virtual games!!

My wife and I have done a lot of in-person games, and wanted to try out the virtual games. We did three of the games here (Stanley's Toy Box, Robbery at the Casino, and School of Magic), and greatly enjoyed all of them. The flow and puzzles were great, and overall it was a great experience. Strongly recommend doing all the games here.

May 2020
What a cool idea. It is so awesome that we can do this from our home while in quarantine. The host was so helpful, but let us do it the way we wanted too. Such a good time. I will definitely be doing one again soon!

I highly recommend an escape room while stuck at home. Its such a good time with a great host. Most fun I've had in awhile

May 2020

We had an amazing time! We decided to do a live escape room for my covid 19 bday since we are all stuck inside! This was so much fun and exciting! Just like doing it in person! Daniel was a great host! Can’t wait to hire him to bring his mobile escape room once quarantine is over! We are definitely going to do another live escape room next weekend !

Apr 2020
Study the Syllabus 🤦🏽‍♀️

So this is a real legit magic school. I scanned over the syllabus and went into play, its a great and very useful reference to the game. Once we knew what to do, this game exploded our imagination and wanting of more. So neat to learn spells and see magic right before our eyes. This is such an immersive experience. Im quite a Live Escape Room Addict now🧩

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