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Robbery at the Casino Strikes Back

“You are the mastermind and set up the perfect robbery. You have hired an Thief to break in to the Local DADs Casino Owners Office . You need to break in to his safe. If you and your group can solve everything in time you win.” — read more

Play this real life Escape Room from your own home over video link. You and your team instruct the host in what to do and what to look at, they carry a camera that acts as your eyes. Play as a criminal mastermind executing the perfect robbery of a casino office. You have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles, figure out all the clues and emerge victorious! Make sure you read the Robbery Intel files to your robbery or you could be left behind. 

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Help Us Escape operates in PDT which is currently 7 hours behind UTC

Sunday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Monday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Tuesday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Wednesday 8 am - 12 am PDT
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Friday 8 am - 12 am PDT
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Reviews for Robbery at the Casino Strikes Back

Jul 2020
Loved it!


Jul 2020
This was great!

This was great!

Jul 2020
Super fun puzzles and the host was great. This was our first online escape room but it was way better than we'd expected.

We loved this, totally exceeded our expectations.

Jun 2020
great host, fun puzzles

Had a lot of fun playing this room tonight with a couple of my friends. The host is super-friendly, and knows how to hint or direct you to keep things moving at a nice pace. The puzzles were all clean and fun--there were a lot of them but we managed to get out in just under an hour. Also there are some fun tech surprises here and there. The owner's dogs even show up at one point, which is a cute addition I've never seen in a real escape room before! Overall, great room, and would do any room this host puts out there.

Jun 2020
Great fun! We've done all of the rooms at HELP US ESCAPE, and we have always had a great time! Hard puzzles, but always fair puzzles

Yes! Give it a shot. All of his rooms are great.

Jun 2020
Fun game and clever puzzles

This game and this game designer is everything I love about escape rooms. Yes his rooms are run out of his house, BUT they are made with such love and ingenuity. The puzzles and tech are fun and clever and the perfect difficulty level. Bonus, some cute dogs may make an appearance! If you are a puzzle enthusiast, this is a great room to play, I would much rather support smart local designers than a big company.

Jun 2020
excellent fun room

i enjoyed the game excellent host and just the right level of puzzles to keep it interesting and fun we will be back

Jun 2020
Highly recommend

I played this with some friends over 4 connections. 3 connections in the UK and 1 in Spain. They were very helpful to arrange a time to play as we needed to get the kids to bed first. Our host Alan was the perfect mix of helpful and literal. The inventory system was fab (although my phone kept kicking me out when it locked).
This was our first real room, live avatar room and first one outside of the UK. It was very reasonably priced and great experience. We made it out in 58 mins 28 seconds - we have some escape room experience so it does give a bit of challenge. Whilst I like escaping quicker we definitely got our full hour! Will hope to do another

May 2020
Fun Game!!!

Had a great time playing the Robbery at the Casino. Felt like I was actually in the escape room and our host guided us perfectly. The puzzles were challenging and doable. Excited for the sequel and definitely going to do more escape room with "Live Video Escape Rooms"

May 2020

Amazing! This is a great experience. The puzzles were difficult enough and satisfying to solve. Would recommend this for anyone looking to scratch that escape room itch... But online! Really enjoyed it and it let me spend some time with my family apart from each other.

May 2020
Challenging, fun, and exciting

This was a great escape room. I found many of the challenges required creative solutions and there was exciting technology I've not seen in other game rooms, tons of fun!

May 2020
Really fun!!

Daniel was an excellent host and there were so many clever puzzles! We all had a this game!!!

May 2020
So Much Fun!

We had the best time! We are escape room enthusiasts who are so used to doing rooms on the weekends that we miss it! This was the perfect antidote! Great room - very challenging - but with an awesome host. And it really does feel like you are there in the room. It was a seamless experience. Highly recommend especially if you love doing rooms.

May 2020
Excellent virtual games and terrific host

We have now played all three virtual games with Help Us Escape. Great puzzles, an excellent host/GM and really good fun - highly recommend!

May 2020
Awesome game

Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! Two thumbs up!

May 2020
An amazing experience!

I was looking for a fun activity to do with my family during the quarantine, that is when I stumbled upon Live Video Escape Rooms. My host Daniel was knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. He helped guide us through the escape room while still keeping the game challenging. The game we chose was called Robbery at the Casino, this one had many fun and unexpected twists. At the end, my family and I were able to solve all the puzzles and successfully rob the casino. Everyone was jumping for joy! The whole experience felt just like being at a real escape room. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for an entertaining and engaging activity to do from the comfort of their home!

May 2020
Great virtual games!!

We did three virtual games here, and greatly enjoyed them. Strongly recommend!

May 2020

Daniel was an amazing host. His rooms are a very creative and fun. This is a great way to socialize with friends during this Quarantine. The puzzles were challenging but he helped us out along the way. I cant wait to hire Daniel to come by and do an actual room! Thank you so much for bringing some fun in these crazy times.

May 2020
So much fun

We played this for my friends Covid 19 social distancing birthday party and we had a blast! It was just like going to a real escape room! The host Daniel was great and helped us along the way if needed but not too much! I would definitely recommend to everyone looking for a fun time and good activity to do

May 2020
Escape Engagement

Daniel De Maio from Help Us Escape was instrumental in helping me propose to my fiancé, Jenna during the Casino Office Robbery themed room! We both love doing escape rooms and I always thought that would be an amazing setting to propose. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly changed those plans so we looked to virtual experiences. Daniel was quick to help create a personalized experience without detracting from the essence of the escape room, he was thorough in his preparation, and went above-and-beyond expectations by providing us with the recorded stream that we will be able to revisit years later. I think Daniel was more nervous than I was! Thanks again to the entire Help Us Escape crew for the amazing experience.

Apr 2020
Great host, fun game

The host is great, guiding us through without being too intrusive, he makes the remote play entirely manageable. There is a good variety of codes and puzzles to crack and the casino theme was fun.

Apr 2020
We Robbed the Casino!

“We’re Robbers!” We played with all of our friends and family from everywhere. This quarantine has its moments, but a game where we can connect with loved ones and do something fun, is so valuable. Having the my mom, sisters, best friends and cousin playing was so much fun. Daniel was very awesome to handle us and our crazy ideas. We connected for an hour, and time just flew by. Loved it!

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