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Help Us Escape — Stanleys Toy Box

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Stanleys Toy Box

“Stanleys parents need your help. Stanley hid their phone. You must instruct MOM / DAD to look around Stanleys Room for clues to solve puzzles, patterns and codes. If you and or your group can solve everything in time , you win. Easy - Medium” — read more

No longer available!

A family friendly Escape Room from Help Us Escape playable via a live video link. Gather a team and take control as you instruct your host to explore the room and solve the puzzles. You only have a certain amount of time to open Stanleys Toy Box .

Play from the safety of your home. 

Easy - Medium 60%-80% success rate 

Opening hours

When can I play?

Help Us Escape operates in PDT which is currently 7 hours behind UTC

Sunday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Monday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Tuesday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Wednesday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Thursday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Friday 8 am - 12 am PDT
Saturday 8 am - 12 am PDT

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Stanleys Toy Box

Jul 2020
Great room for the family!

I just completed this room with my two daughters (6 and 8). It was their first live remote game and they loved it. They wanted to keep playing. I also enjoyed the retro toys, the variety of puzzles and the tech. The game master/host kept it fun and helped the kids to connect the dots.

I would definitely recommend this room to others who want to play with their kids.

Jun 2020
Great kid friendly escape room!

Did this for my sons birthday and everyone had a great time! Thanks for a great night of fun.

Apr 2020
A charming and family friend game

As you can guess from the name this is a family friendly game. The host is charming and good fun and the puzzles kept our attention and were great to solve.

May 2020
A Cool New Experience!

I had a lot of fun escaping this room with my wife. It was the first virtual escape room I did and I was surprised at how fun it was! The host was great, attentive and very patient, especially given this was our first virtual escape room. The set was very cute, had a lot of cool clues that required out of the box thinking and nifty little tech gadgets that made the game a lot more fun.

May 2020
Cute set-up, fun puzzles

This was the first virtual escape room I'd tried and it was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the setup and the clues/puzzles were unique and required creative solutions. I've seen cool contraptions in these escape rooms that I haven't seen anywhere else!

May 2020
You’re going to love it!!!

One of my all time favorite rooms!!!

May 2020
Greatly enjoyed the virtual games!

Did all three of the virtual games here, and greatly enjoyed them. Strongly recommend!!

Apr 2020
Really fun game for the family

Superb host guides you through the game smoothly so that you soon forget you are really trapped at home! The puzzles are suitably challenging but not insurmountable. I really liked the variety of puzzles to solve and the setting was fun.

Apr 2020
Fun for kids

We played This escape game and had fun with our kids trying to help the Dad find his phone. The puzzles made sense to our kids, which was the whole point. This is such a new experience to have, we’re glad we were able to play around.

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Reviews for Stanleys Toy Box
Stanley's Toy Box
This format is a great way to still feel like you're really playing an escape room, just without getting to manipulate the objects yourself.,The story here is that the GM's son has taken his phone and hid it somewhere in his own room - you have to help find it. — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped


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