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Rock Avenue Escape Room — Ready Mayor Two: A Matter Of Time

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Ready Mayor Two: A Matter Of Time

“Its a conspiracy!! Our local reporter and blogger , who some say is a conspiracy theorist, is convinced that Dominic Fontana has built a time machine. They feel that all of the craziness in the world today is due to Dominic's time travel and the impact it has had on the time-space continuum. Join them at the Davinport Historical Society to search for proof and help him expose the truth! But beware, Dominic may just have a partner helping him!” — read more

The team at Ready Mayor One continues to innovate!

We are proud to bring you our next chapter in the ongoing story of Dominic Fontana. 

We are the first and still the only ones to bring you interactive props that you control remotely from home! 

Opening hours

When can I play?

Rock Avenue Escape Room operates in EDT which is currently 4 hours behind UTC

Sunday 1 pm - 5 pm EDT
Monday 2 pm - 8 pm EDT
Tuesday 2 pm - 8 pm EDT
Wednesday 2 pm - 8 pm EDT
Thursday 2 pm - 8 pm EDT
Friday 2 pm - 9 pm EDT
Saturday 12 pm - 9 pm EDT

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Reviews for Ready Mayor Two: A Matter Of Time

Nov 2020
Brilliant and delighful!

This is my second adventure with Mayor Rob. Both times were fantastic. A wonderful, warm host and tremendous puzzles. Just difficult enough for our group. And right down to the wire on time. Perfect. Highly recommended.

Sep 2020
Great choice for a virtual escape room!

Our company recently did a virtual team building event with Rock Avenue Escape Room. I cannot recommend them enough! We had 25 people participate so Rob was so helpful splitting up the groups into different time frames and accommodating us. Everything went so smoothly and everyone had a great time! We really enjoyed how the clues were scanned onto our screen so we could see them separately from the zoom video. If you're looking for a company to do a virtual escape room through, choose Rock Avenue. You won't be disappointed!!!!

Aug 2020
Fun Virtual Team Building!

I wanted to do something fun with my work team to show my appreciation and a virtual escape room was the perfect choice during the pandemic.
If you're looking for a fun team building event, date night with or without friends, or a family game night, look no further.

Jul 2020
Virtual, yet still very interactive

A group of friends and I that have done many escape rooms in several states, in person and online were truly impressed with the set-up of this game as well as Ready Mayor One. Via a website, participants can interact with the room as well as ask the live attendant to do different tasks within the room. So much fun!

Jul 2020
Not quite Ready Mayor One but still fun

We played the room before its recent overhaul, and still had a good time. Some imaginative puzzles. Not quite up to Ready Mayor One standards, but still fun. I’m sure after the overhaul it will be even better!

Jun 2020
We had some early tech issues (our fault), but once we let one group coordinate the questions, the inquiries, etc., with our group input, it worked well.

This was a fun experience well designed and well hosted. If you go into it with a good attitude, you should enjoy it. For us, it was a very good experience. Adjusting to the quarantine situation, it was that much more creative. Well done.

May 2020
Another fantastic game from Rock Avenue!

If you've played Ready Mayor One you'll know what to expect here. It's another great game with good puzzles and some really cool technology. Play it!

Reviews on other sites

Reviews for Ready Mayor Two: A Matter Of Time
Jun 2020
A taste of American history, in an Escape Room
We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but needless to say, there are a lot of nice touches. — read the full review from Review The Room
Reviews for Rock Avenue Escape Room
Jun 2020
Rock Ave Escapes: Ready Mayor One – Apartment A.I. (Play at Home)
Ready Mayor One was full of surprises and some great ‘Ah-Ha!’ moments; the
interaction with A.L.I. and Mayor Rob was just the icing on the cake, making
an already good game great —
read the full review from Review The Room
Reviewing Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I.
Ready Mayor One is leading the way for virtualized escape rooms, and was enhanced by the online format.

This was what I envisioned/ wanted when I thought about a virtual escape room.

The online format enhanced this game.

Ready Mayor One was a clinic in the importance of context and execution. —
read the full review from Room Escape Artist
Reviewing Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I.
Gotta help the Mayor!
This room has been all over the enthusiast pages - for a good reason. Thank you for keeping it fun! I would definitely recommend this room for groups of all sizes and levels of experience. — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped
Reviewing Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I.
Apr 2020
Remote Play Review: Ready Mayor One
Rock Avenue Escape Room is helping to lead the industry through this very challenging time. [...]the online inventory system that allows players to see detailed panoramics of the space. The second elevating aspect of Ready Mayor One is the always energetic, and always ‘on’ Mayor himself.

It certainly takes the cake. —
read the full review from Escape Authority
Reviewing Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I.

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Help the Mayor solve the disappearance of Dominic Fontana in this extremely popular live video escape room with first-of-its-kind interactive props that you control remotely!

$49.95$129.75 Per game