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Mystery Mansion — Cut-Throat

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“Can you save your police captain before it's too late?” — read more

Due to an incident during your last investigation of the notorious "Handcuff Killer", you and your fellow detectives suffered injuries that require you to stay on bed-rest. Luckily, one detective wasn't on site and is still able to work.

Your captain has gone missing and you know this is the work of the "HCK". You received one final message from your captain, which included a strange address. Equipped with a camera and access to a new investigation platform, you send the last able-bodied detective to the address to investigate. They will send you images of what they see, so you can aid in the investigation.

Can you save your captain before it's too late?

*Mild gore warning. Minor violent themes. Dark humour.*

$50.00 per game (plus tax/fees) with a recommended maximum of 10.

Opening hours

When can I play?

Mystery Mansion operates in CDT which is currently 5 hours behind UTC

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 5 pm - 10 pm CDT
Wednesday 5 pm - 10 pm CDT
Thursday Closed
Friday 5 pm - 10 pm CDT
Saturday 8 am - 10 pm CDT

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Reviews for Cut-Throat

Aug 2020
Great set up

Played this through my schools welcome weekend, and loved how you got to do everything through computer instead of a person. It was a great set up, and next time I'm in Regina once this whole covid-19 thing is done, I will probably do one in person.

Thank you Mystery Mansion

Jul 2020
Very cool room!

The online experience for this room was very cool. The context and story behind the virtual experience made for a super fun time with my friends. I really recommend this room, I know we had such a blast!

Jul 2020
Satisfying mystery based room which meshes well with the online format.

Challenging yet rewarding room with unique, interactive riddles and puzzles. The host maintains authenticity throughout the room, and relies on your team's input online to work through the room. Recurring themes to the puzzles throughout the room, it's important to keep track of the story-line as it helps you to get to the bottom of things. The room is times quite well ensuring you get a full experience packed with thrills from start to finish. You become progressively more engaged and satisfied as you move through the room.

Jun 2020
Great room and great host!

This was a super fun time and very immersive. Chatting with the host while playing made it really feel like you were helping out a detective in solving a case, rather than just sitting there looking at puzzles. Would definitely recommend!

Jun 2020
Awesome host makes experience great, puzzles adapted very well from physical room

The host for this game really sold it for me. He made the game feel immersive, and it felt like I was playing one of those old point and click games like Secret of Monkey Island. The puzzles were fun and not too difficult to solve, everything felt fair. Highly recommended!

May 2020
Great room!

Did this after The Detective's Office room. Very different vibe, but the live-host did a great job adding humor to the experience. Really enjoyed interacting with them while solving the room!

Reviews on other sites

Reviews for Cut-Throat
Jun 2020
CUT-THROAT (AUDIO LED) - Mystery Mansion Escape Rooms | Review
Overall, this was no worse so than an episode of "Family Guy" or "South Park", though if you adamantly oppose to this sort of adult-leaning humor, do communicate with the business for possible alternative accommodation. — read the full review from Escape Mattster
Jun 2020
A couple of puzzles really got me, but I am no novice!
My one gripe with this game is that, ironically, it is not cutthroat enough for me. — read the full review from Escape Mattster
Benign Serial Killer
There were decent puzzles, but there was no suspense or sense that we were in any 'danger'.,The puzzles offered some variety, though a few were a bit of a reach to associate. The puzzles were not really 'themed', but it probably would have been fairly difficult to do so seamlessly. — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped

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