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Mystery Mansion — The Detective's Office

C$20.00 Per player

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The Detective's Office

“In 1951, Private Investigator Rick Murphy was investigating a case involving a stolen necklace. Suddenly, Rick vanished without a trace. Step into his office and find out what happened to him.” — read more

Solve the first case of Mystery Mansion Season Two in this real life Escape Room playable via live video stream. There will be three cold cases to solve in order to figure out what happened to the Stolen Necklace; this is the FIRST of those THREE cases.
Play with your friends, all without leaving your homes. You control the Games Master and you see through their eyes!

60 minute experience.
5/10 difficulty level.
$20 (CAD) plus tax per player.
10 players maximum.

Opening hours

When can I play?

Mystery Mansion operates in CDT which is currently 5 hours behind UTC

Sunday 10 am - 10 pm CDT
Monday 5 pm - 10 pm CDT
Tuesday 5 pm - 10 pm CDT
Wednesday 10 am - 10 pm CDT
Thursday 10 am - 10 pm CDT
Friday 10 am - 10 pm CDT
Saturday 10 am - 10 pm CDT

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for The Detective's Office

Apr 2021
Everything was amazing, we had a lot of fun, definitely doing this again!

Owen was a great host, everything was super cool! He did an amazing job, we had a lot of fun!

Apr 2021
Amazing experience!

It was a very exciting and fun experience. Owen was amazing!

Mar 2021
Fun Virtual Experience

Covid Sucks, but virtual escape room does not! Malaya was a great host and I am looking forward to episode 2.

Mar 2021
Really enjoyed the adventure! Malaya was an awesome host and made the experience so fun!

I recommend The Detective's Office to everyone but especially for first time players. Thank you Malaya for hosting! You were so much fun and made the adventure that much more enjoyable!

Mar 2021
A fun time!

First time doing a virtual escape room and it was a fun experience! Our host Malaya was friendly and helped us along with some humorous commentary. Telescape was a neat way to do virtual puzzles and everything ran pretty smoothly.

Mar 2021
Great Host! Was very fun and accommodating

Malayla was a great host, highly recommend, had a wonderful team bonding time

Mar 2021
Booked this event for my colleagues and everyone loved it!

Mitch (Manager) was excellent at helping me find the right event to book for my team of 10 players. We were provided with materials beforehand to get familiar with Telescape and how the game worked, which were very helpful. Kieran was a great host and my team loved this virtual escape room. Would definitely recommend this room for other work events and would consider booking another room with my team in the future!

Feb 2021
Great room and great host

Very enjoyable hour. Kieran was a great host.

Feb 2021
Kieran is amazing!!

Kieran was an amazing host! But it was so fun! It was challenging!! He helped us, but not too much!!! I really enjoyed it and would reccomend to a friend!!

Feb 2021
Very affordable for a fun, immersive, virtual experience

Although I would have liked to have done this room in person (for obvious reasons, my friends and I couldn't), the virtual alternative was a blast! The puzzles were solid, and the entire room had a cohesive, entertaining story behind it. In addition, Kieran was a great host who gave us hints at exactly the right times. Overall, I definitely recommend The Detective's Office and am planning on trying another one of their virtual escape rooms soon!

Feb 2021
What an Amazing Virtual Murder Mystery Escape Room!

We were looking for a fun virtual game to play for my brother's birthday and came across this site. The ability to have a large group of people and the in person host with an interactive room was so cool and a feature most other online escape rooms don't offer! This was such a fun way to spend with family near and far - even without COVID and the inability to get together with people - this was so great as we all live provinces apart. The game wouldn't have been complete without our host Kiran - he was so awesome and I can honestly say the game wouldn't have been as fun without him helping guide us along the way. Thanks for spending your Sunday evening with us Kiran! We will definitely be booking with you guys again!

Jan 2021
Great game with Mitch!

We really enjoyed this, and Mitch was a great games master. We will a) recommend to friends, and b) be back to play another! Thank you :)

Jan 2021
Suspenseful team game that made everybody feel included and especially towards the end, everyone felt really committed to getting the crime sovled

I would totally recommend this to anyone who hasn't been in an escape room before, definitely had a suspenseful vibe, but everyone was engaged the entire time trying to find clues! Host Malea was great! Did an awesome job of egging everybody on when we were a little stumped, but was also humorous and kept everybody talking the entire time

Jan 2021

Malaya was our host and she was great :) our team had a wonderful time playing, thank you!

Jan 2021
Great room for first time playing online!

The Detective's Office was a fantastic experience for myself and five friends as our first time playing an online live avatar escape room! The host did a wonderful job at becoming a character within the storyline and not breaking the immersive experience. She seemed to get genuinely excited along with us as we progressed through the room. None of us had used Telescape before but it worked smoothly along with Zoom. Thanks for all your hard work putting this experience together and providing a fun way to interact with friends from within our own homes!

Dec 2020
Great Virtual Experience

Took part in this virtual escape room for a work Christmas party and we had such a blast! The Game Master was great! All the tech used to make it immersive and have you feel like you're still directly taking part from your computer, was amazing. The story was well thought out and the puzzles were challenging. Would highly recommend and each of us will definitely be back with family/friends!

Jul 2020
Great Room!

This was a really fun room with an immersive film noire style environment. The host was excellent and the four of us had a blast.

Jul 2020
Immersive experience, with challenging puzzles.

The host clearly cares about the customer experience. The story-line has a lot of thought put into it, making it very immersive for an online experience, and it feels very rewarding as you cascade through sequences of riddles and puzzles. Well worth the time and money to meet up with some friends online to tackle this escape room.

May 2020
Great family friendly fun!

Great family friendly fun and cool puzzles!

Reviews on other sites

Reviews for The Detective's Office
Aug 2020
Mystery Mansion: Detective’s Office (Play at Home)
An office space is unlikely to blow you away with its set design, but solid puzzles and great games mastering makes this a fun family-friendly experience. I’ve never been to Regina, but if I ever do make it over, Mystery Mansion will be the first stop. — read the full review from Review The Room
Jul 2020
THE DETECTIVE'S OFFICE (REMOTE) - Mystery Mansion Escape Rooms | Review
The Detective's Office" is designed for beginners in mind, somewhat, and offers a great introduction to novice players for both in-person physical and online remote play. — read the full review from Escape Mattster

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