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Night Terrors

“Sleepyman, Sleepyman, he's coming for you...” — read more

After finding one of his childhood drawings, Alex is suddenly plagued by nightmares of "The Sleepyman".
Seeking to rid himself of his night terrors, Alex turns to a hypnotherapist. Playing the role of his subconscious, you will need to help Alex figure out what's causing his nightmares...before it's too late.

*Not recommended for children under 14 years old. Frightening themes.*

75 minute experience.
7/10 difficulty level.
$15 (CAD) plus tax per player.
10 player maximum.

Opening hours

When can I play?

Mystery Mansion operates in CDT which is currently 5 hours behind UTC

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 5 pm - 10 pm CDT
Wednesday 5 pm - 10 pm CDT
Thursday Closed
Friday 5 pm - 10 pm CDT
Saturday 8 am - 10 pm CDT

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Reviews for Night Terrors

Oct 2020
A Definite Must

Night Terrors was an awesome game from beginning to end. From the get-go, its unique story sucks you in and immerses you into the world, raising the creep factor as it evolves into a full-on nightmare. The creative puzzles sit at a nice difficulty level, but everything is logical and flows. This is especially welcoming when playing remotely. To top it off, the host embodies the character well and sprinkles in enough humor and wit to keep things interesting. I definitely recommend this room and look forward to more from this group.

Oct 2020
Go Play it!

A must-play escape room! It was thrilling and exciting. Go play it and enjoy. My group definitely had fun and now we look forward to the next experience. Definitely a 5 star experience :D

Sep 2020
Veeerrrryyy scaaarrrry!

Definitely at the scarier end of the range. Good integration of online elements (make sure you have a decent 2nd screen or device) and some clever puzzles. The set is a bit basic, but there is some imaginative use of some simple props.

Sep 2020
So much fun!

We did this as a double date couples night and had a BLAST! So much fun, great host, highly recommend!

Aug 2020
Amazing online escape room experience!

I did the Night Terrors escape room with three other players. All of us have done a few escape rooms before, but this was our first online interactive escape room experience. Mystery Mansion helps to immerse the players into the horror atmosphere even before the game begins, providing a link to some subtle, creepy background music and tips for making one's home environment conducive to a nighttime horror experience. The puzzles were challenging and fun, and we finished with less than a minute to spare. The manager, Mitch, was our game master. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of the experience he provided! He had great energy and really dove into the character. I will definitely be doing more escape rooms at Mystery Mansion. Thank you for providing such a fun experience!

Aug 2020
Terrific Experience!!

The avatar was EXCELLENT and the puzzles were terrific! The experience was immersive, engaging, and entertaining - we strongly recommend and we are already looking forward to the next experience!

Jul 2020
Night Terrors is my favourite escape room ever!

Night Terrors places the players into an extremely immersive and engrossing story. The makers of this room and the hosts give a completely phenomenal experience to the players. Working through the puzzles fits into a larger story perfectly. It felt so satisfying to get through each puzzle and push to the end to further advance the story. I cannot recommend this room enough! 10/10!

Jul 2020
Thrilling room, makes you relieved to be able to play it from your own home.

The story for this room is really well thought out. The idea of playing as the host's subconscious makes it feel authentic. This room will keep you on the edge of your chair from start to finish. I have recommended this room to other friends and family members, and all have come back to me thanking me for recommending it. It reignited my childhood imagination. The puzzles within the room are all unique and challenges you to think outside of the box while feeling the thrill of attempting to get to the end.

Jul 2020
Immersive storytelling with clever puzzles

Night Terrors has some pretty interesting mechanics in terms of storytelling, and the host really sold the experience for us. As a group that has done over 20 escape rooms, the puzzles were fun and just challenging enough to keep us engaged. There was one puzzle that we were stuck on for a bit longer than we should have been, but overall everything was logical and fit into the story. Highly recommend this game and this company overall!

Jun 2020
Exciting creepy story driven experience with great puzzles

This was a real top quality experience, the key was the gradual unfolding of the story over the 75 minutes, very creepy and exciting, great puzzles, I would highly recommend

Jun 2020
Story suits the medium!

Fun, immersive experience. I thought the story/theme of the room really suit the video call type format! Creepy and tense, if you are into that, I highly recommend!

May 2020
Amazing concept and great puzzle/story

Me and my group recently completed Night Terrors and I couldn't recommend this experience more. This room was built for the live video escape room experience and takes advantage of that to present a unique experience that is both immersive and challenging. The puzzles were great and our host was excellent. You play the role of the main character's inner dialogue and guide the protagonist to escape the room while you uncover the mystery beneath. A complete blast to play from start to finish!

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Reviews for Night Terrors
Mystery Mansion Regina – Night Terrors (Review)
I absolutely recommend giving this game a shot as soon as possible. 9.5/10 (Excellent). — read the full review from Escape Room Adventurer
Jun 2020
Mission : Night terrors
It is very well done. You should also know that this adventure lasts 75 minutes, which removes a little of the stress side of time. 8.5/10 — read the full review from Serial Escapers
Jun 2020
NIGHT TERRORS (REMOTE) - Mystery Mansion Escape Rooms | Review
Matt the "Escape Mattster" plays his game No. 103, "Night Terrors" - After finding one of his childhood drawings, Alex is suddenly plagued by nightmares of "The Sleepyman". Seeking to rid... — read the full review from Escape Mattster
May 2020
Mystery Mansion Regina - "Night Terrors"
I'm glad we played this during the day time because "creepy shadowy man" was my worse childhood nightmare. There were definitely times when cold chills were running down my spine. If you would like to enhance the experience, I definitely recommend playing in the dark and put on your headphones. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
Night Terrors - Anytime
I'd recommend this room for anyone wanting any level of a scary / creepy / unsettling room. There are no cheap scares in here, the terror is all in 'our' mind. — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped

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