Games recommended by MichelleRouland
Speakeasy Escape Room

Moonshine Shack

Great time!!!

“Really fun and very imaginative!! Our host stayed in character and the room was well themed!! The puzzles were awesome as well-highly recommended!”

By MichelleRouland

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

Villains Lair

This room was SO much fun!!

“Really fun environment and awesome host! This room had very fun puzzles and all 5 of us were totally immersed in being villains! Jayson had us cracking up the whole time. Book this one for sure!!!”

By MichelleRouland

Help Us Escape

Robbery at the Casino Strikes Back

Really fun!!

“Daniel was an excellent host and there were so many clever puzzles! We all had a this game!!!”

By MichelleRouland


Games bookmarked by MichelleRouland
Lock City Escapes

The Wizard's Secret

Live Avatar

Can you find an ancient want before The Dark Lord returns, or will you and your team be doomed to the same fate as the wand shop owner?

$17.00$55.00 Per connection

Escape 60 Peoria Live Escape Room Adventures

​Shagadelic Super Spy

Live Avatar

You will have a heart-pumping experience right from your couch, guiding your live Game Master to explore, solve puzzles and disarm a missile before they blow up! Book with us …

$60.00 Per game