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Escape One Algarve — Atlantis!

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“Modern drones are a marvellous thing, and some kid has managed to detect a massive energy pulse whilst playing with his birthday present off a cruise ship! The powers-that-be are ALL over this and it’s remarkable how quickly they have set up a deep sea expedition to try to pinpoint the energy source. Experts have linked it to a possible location for the fabled city of Atlantis. You’re part of the team selected to take the plunge in a state-of-the-art submarine adventure. You can hardly wait to see what you will find down there. ​Atlantis! ​2400 years under the waves… What sleeps beneath?” — read more

Play this real life Escape Room via live video. Join a Zoom meeting with your family or friends across the globe, and together you can guide the captain on his mission. We have tried to keep the immersion of this game as close to playing it in real life as possible. You will be connected to the submarine's computer system to access the security camera and also a fully automatic inventory.
Help him to find the secrets hidden deep below. He certainly can’t do it on his own!

If you'd like to play outside of our normal booking slots due to time difference, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Opening hours

When can I play?

Escape One Algarve operates in WEST which is currently 1 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Monday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Tuesday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Wednesday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Thursday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Friday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Saturday 12 pm - 3 am WEST

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Atlantis!

Mar 2021
Great adventure underwater!

Loved the theme and fun puzzles! The game master was very helpful and let us finish the game even when we were a bit late to start (my mistake with time differences). Had a great time underwater. RECOMMEND!

Dec 2020
Great fun under the sea

We played from different locations/countries and thoroughly enjoyed it. The set was very good and the puzzles suitably taxing. Captain Katie was a great host - highly recommended

Dec 2020
nice birthday

we were 4 families across Europe - really fun to play and worked well online - zoom plus inventory worked well for everyone to get involved

Oct 2020

Better than expected

Oct 2020
so great

so good wouls recomend to every one who dose not have sea fear

Sep 2020
Great fun!

Very fun and we cut it very fine which is unusual for our group!

Sep 2020
Excellent fun


Sep 2020
Lighthearted, Fast Paced, and Fun!

Exciting room with an incredibly witty and helpful captain, Captain David! Fun puzzles and interesting solutions. I highly recommend this room for families, friend groups, or coworkers!

Sep 2020
Epic and Cool

Very epic and cool

Sep 2020
Great fun

really enjoyed it...

Super fun experience!

Very enjoyable and humorous game - the captain (and special guest) were a blast to play with. Loved the fun reveals and a-ha moments throughout, and a good reminder how simplicity and elegance can lead to a great gaming experience!

Sep 2020
Best virtual Escape Room!

Super fun virtual escape room, great theme and fun puzzles.

Sep 2020

The set decoration in both rooms was good. Our host David was excellent as he took us through The Laboratory and then down to Atlantis a skipper. Atlantis certainly more of an immersive story. The puzzles were fun in both rooms and one was quite taxing given our collective failure at basic mental arithmetic. If you are new to escape rooms I would recommend The Lab. For those seeking more of a challenge then take on Atlantis. We enjoyed both games so much we have already a set a date to play Final call.

Aug 2020
Awesome game, run really well

This was our first online-avatar experience. It was really good fun. The host really made the experience as did the extra "voice actor" that joined in the game.

Aug 2020
An amazing experience - a great activity to do with friends during Covid!

Would highly recommend - David was a great "captain", he was really engaging and kept up going throughout the whole adventure!

Jul 2020
Awesome!! Thank you Captain!

Loved it!!
The captain was great!

Jul 2020
Great time!! Challenging for virtual, but not impossible

Wonderful host, actor, puzzles! Highly recommend!

Jul 2020
Underwater fun

Such a nice set with fun props and funny moments. Clever puzzles and great game flow. Captain David was a great host/character. Enjoyable time!

Jun 2020
Simple puzzles but still challenging, pretty underwater set, great inventory system

Nice use of tech, not too overblown.
Easy to use inventory system with closeups of objects was very useful; investigation of items and the room itself can be fruitful.
Well made props & set really work well.
Fairly simple puzzles, suitable for families, but still stumped us occasionally.

Jun 2020
I forgot I was stuck at home!

Found the escape room extremely immersive and the host to be very engaging. A great way to spend some quality social distancing time.

Jun 2020
Truly enjoyable

I loved the virtual escape room. It seemed as though the host has really put in a lot of thought as to how to improve the virtual escape room experience. And the host was very fun and humorous. Thank you!

Jun 2020
Really innovative set

Unusual and interesting setting and the puzzles fit with the setting, with some ingenious physical puzzles. (They will be easier in person I suspect.) It will challenge you!

Jun 2020
Great set, great puzzles, patient and friendly host

This was a fun night in with friends. Enough puzzles for some of us to be working one out while the others explored further. Captain David dropped hints when we needed them, and I think some of the time we didn't even know they were hints till we debriefed afterwards!

Jun 2020
Very recommended!

Interesting and unique story, nice setting, great host and the best (and magical 😉) use of the inventory! Definitely a game to try!

Jun 2020
Journey to Atlantis!

The Atlantis room was an amazingly well done room. It was challenging, innovative, had a lot of fun features and some of the best props I've ever seen. You should definitely make time to try out Atlantis.

Jun 2020
Great experience

Really funny and thrilling, the best inventory system I've ever seen! Definitely recommended

Jun 2020
Great online escape experience!

What a great game! Our host was fantastic and the set was really nice. The puzzles were perfectly challenging (Especially not being in the room personally)and made sense! We can't wait to do their other room! Thank you for a great afternoon.

Jun 2020
Another great game from E1A

We previously played The Laboratory and went back for more. So glad we did. The team at E1A did another fantastic job!

Jun 2020
An excellent escape room. Definately worth a go.

Everything from the host to the actual task were very good. All the puzzles were clever and well thought out and led to an end goal which became clear early on. That doesn't mean they were easy but they were far from too difficult for an average Joe intelligence level.
Overall I would strongly recommend this escape room, it was great fun with the right amount of challenge.

Jun 2020
Challenging but Fun!

Atlantis is a great game with a beautiful set. It was very challenging for us, but we were able to make our way through with the good help of the captain. Highly Recommend.

May 2020
Under the sea!

We had a fun underwater adventure with some great puzzles and an entertaining surprise that I won't spoil here.

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Reviews for Atlantis!
Aug 2020
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I often see requests for games that are “family-friendly,” and I wholeheartedly recommend Atlantis! In fact, I would recommend it even if your family doesn’t contain any children. — read the full review from Review The Room
Jun 2020
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Escape One Algarve has crafted a world that is both whimsical and somehow believable – a unique setting that evokes a sense of wonder and mystery. — read the full review from Escape Authority
May 2020
Escape One Algarve - Remote Escape Rooms
The flow of the game was great and puzzles were all reasonable to the story. The puzzles were not really difficult but that's probably because we bought a strong team with us (#Escapeaddicts - around 1600 escape games played) . The set design was quite immersive for a remote escape room. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers

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