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Escape One Algarve — There's Something About Linda

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There's Something About Linda

“Meet Linda – or rather, re-meet Linda… You already know her, you know, because she works at your office. She’s the one that’s always hovering at the back when someone brings cookies. The one that smiles a little too brightly at the water cooler as your eyes slide over her. You’re vaguely aware that she’s there, but you couldn’t say what she does, and you certainly can’t remember her name!” — read more

Welcome to our corporate team building escape game. It’s a bit different to our usual style, but every bit as fun. This time, you’re trying to escape a hijacked conference call! Groups of up to 60 people can play at once, divided into teams of 5. You will be greeted by your host, Linda, and all briefed on the game before being split into your individual teams. Escape game style puzzles and codes await – which team will wrest control of the call back first? There are hints built into the game, but Linda will also be available on call, should you require extra help.

For corporate bookings, please contact us.
The game can also played by individual groups as a standalone digital game -

Opening hours

When can I play?

Escape One Algarve operates in WEST which is currently 1 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Monday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Tuesday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Wednesday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Thursday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Friday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Saturday 12 pm - 3 am WEST

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Reviews for There's Something About Linda

May 2021
Short but clever and funny!

Great game! Hilarious videos, great use of online technology, cute setup, some really clever puzzles that made us think. We finished in about half an hour and had a great time!

Feb 2021
The ideas were there but was not enough puzzles

The puzzles were great, but would have been nice to have more of them. Half the "room" was watching a video and not doing anything. Otherwise the puzzles were great, just wish there was more.

Jan 2021
Very easy

Great technology, but the puzzles were too easy. The video parts definitely just felt like filler!

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