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Escape One Algarve — Final Call

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Final Call

“It’s finally happened – the zombie apocalypse is here. The streets are full of the undead and you can’t stay barricaded in your home any longer. Humanity’s last stand is about to be staged. The ‘authorities’ are ready to fight. They’re going to be exterminating everything they see. But not everyone’s a fighter. There are rumours that society is reforming somewhere far from here – somewhere safe. The living whisper between them of a test to be taken to prove your worth and win a coveted boarding pass for the final flight to humanity’s last great stronghold. It’s too dangerous to go yourselves, but there’s one vigilante left who’s willing to step up. With your help, he’ll find the code you need to gain access to the plane. Whether he can survive the zombie hoards to fly with you is no sure thing. But there’s no real option. Escape, or meet a grisly end.” — read more

Play this real life Escape Room via live video. Join a Zoom meeting with your family or friends from across the globe, and together you can guide the brave vigilante though the puzzles to earn your ticket to safety. We have tried to keep the immersion of this game as close to playing it in real life as possible. The game is backed up by our fully automatic inventory system, helping you keep track of items and allowing you to point details out to your teammates.

If you'd like to play outside of our normal booking slots due to time difference, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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When can I play?

Escape One Algarve operates in WEST which is currently 1 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Monday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Tuesday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Wednesday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Thursday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Friday 12 pm - 3 am WEST
Saturday 12 pm - 3 am WEST

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Final Call

Jan 2021
Best online avatar games we’ve played

Really enjoyed the final call, just the right amount of challenge - not too hard but not too easy! Host was great, really immersive room, inventory and live feed system worked really well. We’ve also played Atlantis remotely which was just as good, would definitely recommend!

Nov 2020
First time!

I have to say that it was really enjoyable! I had a blast with my team. The two host was amazing and funny! I can't wait to do other games!

Oct 2020
Seamless Remote Process, Great Tech, Compelling Stories and Fun Puzzles

Truly the best remote escape room experience I've had! The room was very easy to see around over their live feed, their tech worked wonderfully to make sure we can solve puzzles easily, the host was very delightful the entire time. They have a very intuitive inventory system that updates as you discover things in the room & solve the puzzles, which was so cool!

While there was a slight issue toward the end where the live feed went out, the hosts were quickly able to fix it without much delay and told us that they hadn't experienced that before, so I wouldn't worry about it being an ongoing issue.

Could not recommend more!

Oct 2020

My first online escape room and it is SUPER FUN!!! I really recommend this to everyoneeeee!!!! I love it and thank you to Katie and David!!

Oct 2020
Well run and enjoyable

I'd rather be there in person with my friends but doing this remotely still made for a good evenings fun

Oct 2020
This was a cool experience that brought my family together for so much joy. Keep up the good work!


Oct 2020
This was absolutely great!

I love this and would recommend it.

Oct 2020
Fantastic game. Very fun. Great as an online option.

Absolutely great!

Oct 2020
Loved it!

I really enjoyed the escape room, I've done many before in real life and was so impressed at how they had made it work really well online.

I can't wait to play the next one!

Sep 2020
So much fun!

Head mounted camera

Sep 2020
GREAT game - one of the best virtual productions

This was one of the best we’ve done...of over 100 virtual/remote rooms completed these last several months. Great puzzles, clever connections, witty twists and REALLY well hosted by an awesome duo.

Sep 2020
Totally Amazing, Best Way to Have Fun During the Pandemic and Beyond

This was so awesome! We had a complete blast and it was totally the best way to have fun with family from all over the US during the pandemic. The tech was amazing, easy to use and follow, and the host made it so much fun. I've done a LOT of escape rooms, and this was one of the top rooms for me for sure. We will definitely be booking another room in the future.

Sep 2020
Very cool!

The tech was awesome...this was one of the coolest escape room experiences I've done and we did it completely virtually. I was skeptical on how this would play out but this was really well done! Great job! I can't wait to try another one.

Sep 2020
Really fun!

Play this with your long-distance friends.

Sep 2020

So much fun!

Sep 2020
So much fun!!

Keep up the great work :)

Aug 2020
Great take on the Zombie Escape room theme!

A very unique setting and a really fun actor. The ending was a real treat!

Aug 2020
Really fun game felt very "Shaun of the Dead"-esque.

Creative take on the zombie genre. Had a great time with my team of experienced players.

Aug 2020

Such an enjoyable and funny zombie themed escape room! The host/actor was fun and contributed to the immersive aspect of the game. The inventory system, 360 view and live feed worked very well together to find and examine objects without being cumbersome or challenging to learn. Looking forward to playing another here!

Jul 2020
We really enjoyed the room

We found a little more difficult to manage the technology when the zoom and inventory were together.

Jul 2020
Really great game! The puzzles were good and the use of tech both in puzzles in the room and to allow for remote play was really clever. This was the second Escape Zoom I have done with you and I have really enjoyed both!

Having the live channel separate from the inventory (as was the case in the first game I did with you) would have made it easier to see what was going on in the room itself. But that was not a significant hinderance to the game play.

Jul 2020
Fun with Zombies

Enjoyable room with lots of different puzzles and a few surprises. Great host who doesn't let on to the next step (unless you really need it). Nice inventory system and overall room view with the inventory system.

Jul 2020
Sounds strange but .. we had so much fun playing with the zombies! ;)

You'll find clever puzzles throughout the room and a very well working inventory with a 360° view of the room and plenty of sorted closeups of the items you find. A very nice room I recommend a lot!

Jul 2020

The third room we've played from this great company and I think its my favourite of the three, great use of telescape inventory and a funny avatar. A real must do!

Jul 2020
Fun immersive game with a great host!

Other than the Zombies (ick!) Final Call was a really fun escape room.

Lots of interesting puzzles, great immersive set and an awesome host. We had a team of 3 play and thought it worked well but absolutely would have worked with additional players if you have more. There was a great variety of puzzles and challenge levels.

Good use of inventory, photos and live video together. Loved the unique setting too!

Highly recommend (except for the zombies part...did I mention ick!).

Jul 2020
Excellent, fun room with satisfying puzzles and a delightful host.

This game was a blast! The puzzles in this room were clever and fun, and the theme was very funny. Our host did a fantastic job at building the immersion as we played through the space. I highly recommend this game!

Jul 2020
This game is a humorous take on a zombie survival horror that might at first scare you but will leave you smiling!

If you want a charming host and live actor this is an excellent choice of a virtual experience for you!

Jul 2020
Final Call!

We played final call and it was a blast, from start to finish. very good puzzles and some cool tech to go with it.
there were a few surprises :) the use of the inventory system was awesome! thanks for another amazing game.

Jul 2020
Great Time

Final call is a cool game. There's a lot to do but it flows very well. there are some good funny surprises. Great time overall.

Jun 2020

We escaped the room, and most of the zombies! A good fun room with good use of the technology and some fun surprises.

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Reviews for Final Call
Aug 2020
🗣. REMOTE: Escape One Algarve - "Final Call"
Whenever we play a remote game with Escape One Algarve, there's always a sense of improvement and this time was no different. This horror themed zombie escape room had a few moments of dark comedy as well. The ending was a jaw-dropping moment for us. I guess you'll have to play it in order to find out why but boy were we glad we got onto that last flight! — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
Aug 2020
Escape One Algarve: Final Call (Play at Home)
I never would have thought that zombies and bridal boutiques go hand in hand, but apparently they do. If you can’t get to Portugal to play Final Call in person, then I strongly suggest you consider playing this remote option – you won’t be disappointed! — read the full review from Review The Room

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