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Escape One Algarve

Final Call


“Such an enjoyable and funny zombie themed escape room! The host/actor was fun and contributed to the immersive aspect of the game. The inventory system, 360 view and live feed worked very well together to find and examine objects without being cumbersome or challenging to learn. Looking forward to playing another here!”

By lauren


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Online Escape Rooms Ireland

O'Brien's Cottage

Live Avatar

You have 60 minutes to find a way to appease the Banshee before she takes your life next!

€50.00€75.00 Per game

Hourglass Escapes

Tales of the Ghostly Galleon

Live Avatar

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Night Vale: Board the legendary ghost pirate ship of the Banshee Buccaneer! You have just 60 minutes to break the Buccaneer's curse before …

$25.00 Per player

Mind Trapped Escape

The Mob Informant

Live Avatar

Talk on the street was that Paulie had it coming to him. But, actually, Paulie was one of the good guys. He was working as an informant for the organized …

$49.95$109.95 Per game

No Longer Available
Room Escape Southend

The Virus

Your are humanities last hope after a deadly virus. Work together to solve the puzzles and find the cure.

£30.00 Per game

Beyond Breakout

Adventures In Puzzle Land

Live Avatar

Alice in Wonderland themed room, independently created for a unique and fun Breakout experience

£50.00 Per game

Insomnia Escape Room

The Alchemist 2.0.

Live Avatar

Philosopher’s stone, Alchemist’s library, and secret manuscripts at the mystical swirl of “The Alchemists 2.0” Room.

$74.00$149.00 Per game

Mystery Rooms Escape


Live Avatar

You find yourself in a strange start to see unfamiliar objects around you, the walls are full of images that seem to whisper to you to find their secrets!

€48.00€60.00 Per game

LiveCam Escape

Sherlock Holmes

Live Avatar

A live-streamed game straight from our brick and mortar rooms. Let us take you for an adventure without the need of leaving your house. Just like in a traditional escape …

€60.00€80.00 Per game

Mystery Rooms Escape


Live Avatar

Your team is back together! You’re best-in-class when it comes to rare art objects…experts in “obtaining” them from exhibitions, museums, private collections. This time things don't go as planned...

€60.00 Per game

The Ultimate Escape Rooms

The Attic

Live Avatar

During quarantine your cousin got locked in the creepy attic of an old family home. Now you have to help them find a way out over a Zoom call!

$20.00 Per player

Red Lock Escape Rooms

Bank Heist

Live Avatar

You and your crack team are about to attempt your biggest bank heist yet! Solve the hi-tech security system and escape with your share of $10 million!

80.00 AUS Per game


Watson's Revenge

Live Avatar

An exciting remote Sherlock Holmes adventure!

$19.00 Per player

Amsterdam Catacombs

Amsterdam Catacombs

Live Avatar

Explore the no.1 rated horror escape room, Amsterdam Catacombs now online! Through a live-stream, you and your friends can guide our actors through this immersive theatrical online experience, and find …

€20.00€50.00 Per player

Lockbox Escape


Live Avatar

Change the past to save the future via live video in this real life escape room

$19.99$24.99 Per connection

Can You Escape?

The Pub: A Puzzle Psychopath’s Trap

Live Avatar

Help a friend escape a psychopath's pub before a bomb explodes, all via live video!

€49.95 Per game

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

Veterinarian Office

Live Avatar

The local animal doctor has been acting strange lately, and animal disappearances are no joke - it's time to perform a rescue mission!

$15.00$50.00 Per connection



Live Avatar

Someone has been kidnapped and called you for help. Will you be able to help them escape alive?

€60.00 Per game

Lost Escape

The House of Wizard

Live Avatar

Interacting with a live Game master do you have what it takes to beat The House Of Wizard?

€10.00 Per player

Amaze Escape Events


Live Avatar

Are you in love with those old school Cold War Spy movies? Here is your chance to remote control a real spy trapped in the hands of the Russian KGB!

€10.00€49.00 Per connection

Puzzle Room Lisbon

The Virtual Heist

Live Avatar

Lorenzo Lopez is missing and his smuggler friend Virgílio Marçal desperately needs your help to find his friend before it's too late!.

€40.00€60.00 Per game

Bruum Escape

The Search for the Magical Artifact

Live Avatar

He angered the powerful fortune teller Tobar. Now he needs your help to sneak into his trailer and recover a magical artifact or his life will never return as before...

€40.00€70.00 Per game

Epic Escape New Zealand

Asylum Online

Live Avatar

Help! Game master Anne has been locked in a Mental Asylum by a crazy doctor. Use your teams collective brain power to solve the puzzles and help her escape.

80.00 NZD Per game

No Longer Available
Breakout KC

Runaway Railcar

An adventure aboard a railcar! solve the room and stop the train before time runs out.

$54.56 Per game


The Gallery

Live Avatar

Solve a mystery set in an Art Gallery in this live video game from Escape.Anywhere

$59.00 Per game

Agent November


Live Avatar

Murder! Jewel theft! Looks like a job for Agent November in this game designed especially for live video streaming

£11.00£12.00 Per player

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room


Live Avatar

The Superhero Task Force of Megatropolis needs your help! Our systems detect that a powerful laser will destroy the city so we must get our super shields up!

$15.00$50.00 Per connection

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

Villains Lair

Live Avatar

BWAHAHAHA! It's time to unleash the power of our Destructo Ray on poor unsuspecting Megatropolis! Act fast, but you get caught, you must escape without a trace!

$15.00$50.00 Per connection

Harz Escape

The Don Vito Investigation

Live Avatar

Play as law enforcement agents hot on the case of crime boss Vito Genovese in this real life Escape Room playable by live video link.

€18.00€45.00 Per connection