GM Led Experience

These games do not take place live in an Escape Room but they do feature a live Games Master. Some are purely audio with the Games Master guiding you and your friends through an Escape Room in your mind, but most include some visual aspect as well whether that be still images, videos or interactive elements.

Mpower Escape Rooms

The Cabin

GM Led Experience

Strange things have been happening outside the Cabin in a small Bayou town. Join a live game master while your team remotely navigates the rooms and triggers clues to unravel …

$49.95$109.75 Per game

Lockbox Escape


GM Led Experience

This game uses a blend of video, picture and live interaction with the game master to interact with the items in the room and progress through the experience.

$49.99 Per game

Mad Genius Escapes

The Truth About Edith

GM Led Experience

The Truth About Edith is unlike any other virtual escape room out there. Specifically designed for remote play, it's an escape room meets a video game crossed with live theater!

$80.00 Per game

Fantasy Escape Games

The Dark Tower

GM Led Experience

Play as wizards in this adventure game meets escape room! Choose a school of magic, gather new spells, and stop a dark ritual. There are limitless options in this experience.

$14.00$15.00 Per player

Paruzal Games

Episode 001: Trapped Under Water

GM Led Experience

This is the first installment in a multi-game storyline. Come meet Kirby and Captain Jack as the story unfolds and your team gets to solve puzzles and escape from an …

$15.00 Per player

Know Escape

The Witches Tower

GM Led Experience

Escape The Witches Tower in this chilling game from Know Escape

£45.00 Per game

Escape Room LA

The Lost Pyramid

GM Led Experience

Play our all-new live streaming games on Zoom with your friends or family from anywhere in the world!

$16.50 Per player

Room Escape Southend

Return To The Forgotten Tomb

GM Led Experience

Can you solve the puzzles, find the skull and escape with your lives?

£35.00 Per game

Paruzal Games

Episode 002: Get Your Motor Running

GM Led Experience

Paruzal's second game has you and your team back on the boat and trying to get the engine started so you can get back to shore before a storm comes …

$15.00 Per player

Reality Break Escapes

Seattle Freeze

GM Led Experience

Welcome to Seattle, home of rain and more rain! What would normally be a peaceful city has awoken to quite a problem today. A secret note was left for your …

$50.00$150.00 Per player

FOX-N-OTTER Adventure Escapes

Geno’s Getaway

GM Led Experience

Get into the car and recover the gold!

$50.00$70.00 Per game

Red Lantern Escape Rooms

The Hardin House Mystery

GM Led Experience

Explore a massive 8-room virtual escape game as you Scooby-Doo your way through a very 80's mystery.

$60.00$120.00 Per game