Real Life Escape Room

Play real life Escape Rooms live and online with your friends. You will join a Games Master via a live video link in an actual Escape Room. They are your eyes and ears, guide them solve the puzzles and unravel the mysteries. This is as close as you can get to a real Escape Room room without leaving your house.



Real Life Escape Room

Someone has been kidnapped and called you for help. Will you be able to help them escape alive?

€50.00 Per game


The Earl's Will

Real Life Escape Room

The Earl of Benoltshire passed away, but his will and his heir are nowhere to be found. Are YOU the Earl's heir? Will you be able to find his will …

€50.00 Per game

Puzzle Punks

Save King's Landing

Real Life Escape Room

A thrilling Game Of Thrones inspired game! Be a hero, save the kingdom!

€60.00 Per game

Lost Escape

The House of Wizard

Real Life Escape Room

Interacting with a live Game master do you have what it takes to beat The House Of Wizard?

€10.00 Per player

Escape One Algarve

Final Call

Real Life Escape Room

Prove you are worthy and solve the challenges ahead of you to flee from the invading zombie herds!

€60.00 Per game

Lockbox Escape

CIA Taskforce: The Gamer

Real Life Escape Room

Interacting with a live Game master, can you outwit the world’s most elusive assassin?

$19.99$24.99 Per connection

Amaze Escape Events


Real Life Escape Room

Are you in love with those old school Cold War Spy movies? Here is your chance to remote control a real spy trapped in the hands of the Russian KGB!

€10.00€49.00 Per connection

Help Us Escape

Stanleys Toy Box

Real Life Escape Room

Help Stanely's parents get into his toybox and find his mobile phone in this family friendly real life Escape Room playable via video link.

$49.95 Per game

Puzzle Room Lisbon

The Virtual Heist

Real Life Escape Room

Lorenzo Lopez is missing and his smuggler friend Virgílio Marçal desperately needs your help to find his friend before it's too late!.

€40.00€60.00 Per game



Real Life Escape Room

"Locked in the hotel by a madman. Trapped and tormented me for days Thank god you picked up. Please, tell me what to do. Help me, HELP ME"

$15.00$49.00 Per connection

Bruum Escape

The Search for the Magical Artifact

Real Life Escape Room

He angered the powerful fortune teller Tobar. Now he needs your help to sneak into his trailer and recover a magical artifact or his life will never return as before...

€40.00€70.00 Per game

Time Games

Gone Viral

Real Life Escape Room

Find The Cure to a Zombie outbreak playing this real life Escape Room via live video link

€16.65€30.00 Per player